Review: Frogger Catch Latch

From Your Bag and Back Again
There are certain accessories that are best if you can carry them with you, but the pain of carrying them with you makes you most often leave them behind.  A brush to clean the grooves is always something that is nice to have, but for the most part is inconvenient to use.  I’ve had a couple different ones, but either using a retractable lanyard or some sort of clip system always seemed to make it clumsy to use.  The same goes for a towel, if you don’t clip it to your bag, which is the easiest way to use it, it seems like it was just bound to fall off your bag and get lost.  TheFrogger Catch Latch is a pretty cool solution to this problem.  Allowing you to detach accessories from the bag, use them, or attach them to your belt for use and then get it close to the bag and magnetically it reattaches.
TheFrogger Catch Latch Bag and Belt comes with 4 pieces.   A C-Clamp and a Belt along with 2 magnetic dongles.  The C-Clamp works on a variety of spots on your bag, the easiest being on the top of your bag by the dividers.  The Belt will also work on the bag in just the right spot or obviously on your belt.  They are easy to secure and use right out of the package.  They are about as simple as an accessory gets.  Just screw the C-Clamp until it is snug against your bag.  From there you can add any accessory you think will work.  I most often kept a brush on the C-Clamp.  I did try a towel and it worked fine, it even held a laser rangefinder.  Basically anything that you want to keep on you bag most of the time, but want to remove for easy use.  The strong magnets can hold something fairly heavy, additionally the interior lip will hold it if gravity pulls it down at an angle, yet even a child can detach the dongle by pulling it straight out.

On the course I found the Frogger Catch Latch C-Clamp and the Belt most useful when they were attached to my bag.  I didn’t really like wearing it personally.  The only way I could see wearing the Belt is if I only use 1 dongle and took it from the C-Clamp on my bag, attached to my belt one for the walk and then switched it back to the C-Clamp when I was done using the accessory. 

I absolutely loved the function of this accessory.  It was very easy to grab my brush, use it on my clubs or even let someone borrow it for their clubs, then just swing it close to the C-Clamp and “click”, it was attached, the powerful magnets worked perfectly.  It also has a Roto lock feature which makes sure the dongle can’t be removed.  Actually a pretty cool safety feature just in case you are afraid someone might swipe your accessory.  The Frogger Catch Latch has a permanent place on my bag.  I really like the way it works on the course.

I have to admit, lots of accessories I see seem like a waste of money.  TheFrogger Catch Latch isn’t;  it is actually a brilliant design, with a low cost.  If you have an accessory that you like to take with you, but not lose, this is the best way to keep it on the bag, but have it readily accessible for use during your round.  It allow you to use something from your bag and back again.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent on-course function
+Low cost
+Easy to use and install
+Strong Magnets
+4-piece set for multiple applications

–Not a huge fan of carrying an accessory on my belt.