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I used the Frogger accessories for 10 rounds of golf.  Frogger golf offers a proprietary towel, a club brush and Latch-it accessories which are designed around on-course functionality.  They take existing products regularly used for golf and make them easier to access during a round of golf. 

This is the definitive Frogger Golf Gear Review for 2022.

It has been nearly 10 years since my first review of Frogger accessories.  Their innovative towel won numerous awards early on.  It still remains the best towel made for golf.  They have expanded their line of accessories over the years with brushes, latch it, training aids, and a variety of other items.  While it might not seem like they have much new to offer, but taking a look at what they do so well, might have you thinking about using some of their accessories on the course for your next round.

The Frogger Amphibian towel is still revolutionary and the best towel in golf.  While many brands have made creative waffle microfiber towels, they are all basically the same.  The Frogger Amphibian towel is different since it allows one side to be wet and the other side to be dry.  Golfing in AZ means that your towel will dry out quickly and the ground is most likely very dry too.  You are going to need water to clean clubs.  The Amphibian towel is still the best design that allows you to turn it inside out, dip it in a water bucket and then flip it right side out.  For the rest of your round you’ll have a wet inside layer with a dry outside layer which is perfect for cleaning clubs.  The two layers are separated by a plastic membrane which keeps the wet and dry sides.  You won’t have to rewet your towel nor will you need to look for a dry spot, you are good to go for all 18 holes.  My first towel lasted years until the loop attachment seam broke.  They do come in multiple color options which will allow you to match any color golf bag you have.  However, I wish Frogger would get creative with their outer design, we don’t all want a giant frog on the outside of our bag.  Having some plain, or creative other designs with a smaller logo would really expand their reach.  This is simply the best towel in golf.

The Frogger Brushpro is also the best brush in golf.  The various options for groove cleaning and replaceable brush heads make this a great accessory for any golfer.  Clean grooves mean more consistent shots.  Paired with the Amphibian towel, you can get any stubborn dirt off the clubs with the wet towel, brush, groove spike, and then dry side of the towel.  The original tether option is nice, but the Latch-it option is even better.  This way you aren’t as restricted by proximity to your bag.  I like being able to use the brush a little further from my bag so that I don’t accidently brush any grime or splatter onto my bag.  I prefer the all nylon bristles in my brushpro so that I don’t have any chance of scratching a club.  While they aren’t as strong as the brass ones, I’d rather put a little bit extra into it, rather than taking the chance.  The metal groove pin can be engaged on the most stubborn of dirt on wedges.

The Frogger Latch-it products are also the best in golf.  The high powered magnet clip allows you to attach anything to your bag or cart without fear of it falling off.  You can even use the locking feature to twist and turn it lock in even more permanently.  They offer a rangefinder latch-it, cell-phone latch-it, brush latch-it, and a universal latch-it that can be used with anything you can attach a keychain to.


Frogger still makes innovative and useful products.  Their towel is still the best and their brush with Latch-it is my favorite too.  You simply can’t go wrong with Frogger products.  You can’t miss the branding, but they certainly function on course and keep your needed accessories easily accessible.

Frogger Golf Accessories – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Frogger golf offers a proprietary towel, a club brush and Latch-it accessories which are designed around on-course functionality. They take existing products regularly used for golf and make them easier to access during a round of golf.

  • ✅  Pros: Functional, Easy to use, Strong magnets, Clean clubs, Everything in reach

  • ⛔  Cons: Possibility of leaving Latch-it on cart, giant frog logo

  • ⛳  Verdict: Frogger makes useful accessories that any golfer can make use of during their round.


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