Review: Frogger Amphibian Towel and Pro Brush

Cleaning your clubs takes less effort than a video game
When I hear the word frogger, I can’t help but have fond memories of my childhood playing that oh so famous video game.  The music plays in my head and the moving dangers roll across the screen.  It took so little effort to enjoy the simple game that involved moving a frog from one side of the road to his lilly-pad.
Well using the Frogger Amphibian Towel and Brush Pro were equally as simple and needed little effort to keep clubs, balls, grips, and hands clean and shinny.
Frogger introduced some new age thinking to the relatively simple golf towel.  Golfers need to clean off mud, wipe off debris, wipe down grips and scrub off crud.  A regular dry towel never has enough moisture to accomplish these tasks, but a wet towel creates a mess on the bag, the golfers back or on whatever it touches.  So how do you get a wet and a dry towel in one golf towel?

Introducing the Amphibian towel; soft terry cloth on the outside, bamboo micro fiber on the inside, separated by an invisible moisture barrier.  It can be used on both hot dry days to wet and clean your clubs or on wet, rainy days to dry off your grips.

Upon arrival, I opened the box to see a nice soft red towel with a big black frog on it.  Instructed to wash it first, I did.  It went through the machine without any issues or bleeding problems.  After lying flat to dry, it was ready for the course.  I found a sink and started dousing the inside with water.  I wasn’t sure how much it could take or what would happen, so I went a little on the light side.  In the dry AZ weather, I could have used a little more, by the end of my round, it was dry.  (I know I could have added more water as the round went on, but I wanted to see how it worked.)  The second time out, I really soaked it.  This time it made it the whole 36 holes, nice and damp at the end of day.   I did notice what felt like a little seepage onto the seams, but never enough to get anything wet.  The size of the towel was great; there was no fear of running out of clean spots on the towel.  It is attached to the bag by a nice sturdy carabineer. 

I also found the mini ball towel in my box; this one came in handy around the greens.  I clipped it to a belt loop and it worked like a charm all day long.  The inside stayed nice and moist, while the outside was dry.  It was small enough and lightweight enough, that I never even noticed it during my swing, it was just there and ready to go when I needed it.

The package would not be complete without the super handy Frogger Brush Pro.  Sometimes all the water and towel wiping in the world cannot get that stubborn dirt out of the grooves.  The Frogger brush comes tethered to a retractable pull string.  It has a stubborn plastic clasp on the top to attach it to your bag.  The cord is long enough to have sufficient room to work on your clubs.  Not only does it have a nice bristle brush, it also has a spike opposite the brush to clean that really stuck on dirt out of the grooves.  It has a nice long, sturdy handle making it easy for just about anyone to use and scrub away the crud off any club.  The Frogger brush also has some various replacement heads.  You can change out the brush to a metal tipped brush for cast heads or you can add the wide brush to get things cleaned off your shoes.  The mechanism for locking and unlocking the brush attachments was very quick and easy to use.  If you were going to use the brush alone, without the Amphibian towel, a little water would be a nice addition, maybe a small amount stored in the handle.  But if used in conjunction with the Amphibian towel there is no need for moisture.

Out on the course I found the brush and the towel worked best hand in hand.  After each shot a quick wipe down with the inside of the amphibian towel.  This quick clean eliminated most of the dirt from my clubs, but every once in a while, I used the brush to scrub them clean, and finally wiped them dry with the outside of the towel.  The wet bamboo cloth applied enough water to soften up any caked on dirt for the brush to work.

If you are looking for a simple, effortless, almost a video game like way of cleaning your clubs, the Amphibian Towel and Frogger Brush Pro make a great combo for any bag.

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