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REVIEW: Fujikura 2.0 Pro Shaft

It's All About More Energy Transfer
It is easy to dismiss what a company says about its own products these days, but when you are the worldwide leader in shafts being played in tournaments every weekend, I would think twice about swiping left.  Fujikura has launched the Pro 2.0 to build on the success of the original Pro shaft and has done a great job in creating a shaft that doesn’t just have a new paint scheme.
The PRO Series is Fujikura’s most popular, playable and easy-to-fit line of performance shafts. New for 2018, the PRO 2.0 features a lower loading section to increase launch, lower torque to reduce spin and a bold, modernized design to turn heads. It’s ideal for golfers of all skill levels, and available in Tour Spec for more aggressive swing tempos to deliver lower ball flight and spin.

Since there was an original version, I wanted to see how it compares to the upgraded model. The technical specs show the 62 Green is the closest shaft to compare against the New Pro 2.0

Fujikura Pro 2.0 6S (stiff)

  • Spin: 2501 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 13.4*
  • Club Head Speed: 101.0 mph
  • Ball Speed: 141.6 mph
  • Total Distance:  260 yds
  • Carry Distance:  240 yds

Fujikura Pro Green 62g (stiff)

  • Spin: 1957 rpm’s
  • Launch Angle: 12.6*
  • Club Head Speed: 99.7 mph
  • Ball Speed: 139.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  257 yds
  • Carry Distance:  234 yds

I was impressed that the Fujikura 2.0 Pro was able to live up to its billing.  The biggest factor is that the 2.0 shaft transfers more energy into the ball.  Sometimes we talk about cutting spin or changing launch angle, but Fujikura increased distance by transferring more of the stored energy  in the shaft into the ball.   Less energy loss and tighter dispersion means longer consistent drives.  Give the Fujikura 2.0 Pro a second look.

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