REVIEW: Fujikura Motore F1 & F3 Shafts

F1--The engine of your club

It has been said for many years now that the shaft is the engine of your clubs.  Fujikura took that literally and dubbed their newest shaft the Motore.

Last fall I reviewed the Rombax 6Z08 and was blown away by its near perfect performance for me, so the Motore F1 had quite a challenge before it.  As I was reading about the Motore F1, its specs sounded very similar to the 6Z08.  I am happy to conclude that the Motore F1 is a slightly tweaked better version of that shaft.  The addition of H.I.T.T. (High Inertia Tip Technology) to this shaft makes it the engine in my driver.

The graphics again are bold and bright, with a large portion of the shaft being engine red and then blending into a yellow graffiti filled section topped with a black smoke like area, it may not be my favorite combination, but after one hit, it could have been painted just about anything and I wouldn’t care.

The changes from the 6Z08 are in the initial launch, which is higher and quicker.  Mid flight it flattens out and just carries and carries until it descends to the ground with low spin inducing a nice run out.  Fujikura maintained the smooth feelings it is known for and still created one of the tightest shaft I have put in play.

While the trajectory is just about perfect, the dispersion is ideal.  I found a multitude of fairways round after round with this club.  I played both the 65 and 75 stiff in R9 TP and FT-9 Drivers.  The 65 comes stock in many drivers, while it is a good shaft, the 75 just fit me better.  

I also installed the Motore F1 hybrid in my Adams Pro Gold 20*.  It was quite the engine in this one too.  It had a very high initial launch angle, but again flattened out and carried to my normal distances.  For me it hit as high of my Altus hybrid shafts, but with a little more spin it seemed to carry further, but run out less.  It offered a very consistent launch and carry that made those 225 yard shots a little easier on the many target golf type holes I play.  It felt amazingly stable and smooth while offering high launch and little roll out, long shots into the green didn’t run off like long irons can or even other hybrid shafts.

Mr. Divots put the Motore F1 75x in a TM Tour Burner 3-wood.  He simply bombed it off the tee.  I have never seen him hit his 3-wood so well off the tee.  It elevated quickly to a high yet flat flight.  His comment, “This shaft is so good in my 3-wood I think I might need to find one for my driver.”  The TM head caused a few difficulties off the turf, but when he connected, it was money.  

Fujikura offers the Motore F1 in many different weights and flexes making it possible to have all your woods and hybrids fitted with a new engine.

F3–Home Run Design
The Motore F1 was rolled out at the beginning of last year and found its way into most OEM’s drivers.   I personally liked the Motore F1 because of the similar feel and performance to the Rombax 6z08.  Unfortunately for many golfers, they could not load or launch the F1 to get optimum performance.  I i-mixed my F3 so that I could compare to the Motore F1 and Motore Speeder line.

I think the F3 is going to be a home run hitter in every sense of that term.  First off, the design/color scheme is just about the best I’ve seen recently from Fujikura.  It takes you back to their earlier shafts with simple graphics.  The F3 is a dark gray smoke color almost ion like with a little lighter gray smoke (Motore smoke) wafting out of the grip area.  The lettering is done in white and deep red tones.  The look alone is going to attract golfers.

But obviously they want more than just good looks.  They want performance.  Again this should be a home run.  The trajectory of this shaft is just like a home run.  It has a quick ascent reaching its apex 2/3 the way down the fairway.  It is more mid to mid/high launch angle.  It descends with low spin for ample run out.  I think that this shaft will fit a much larger audience compared to the F1.  Feel is still tight and accurate.  I found it to be very smooth and consistent from top to bottom.  I hit fairway after fairway with this shaft.  I would put this shaft in my bag immediately if I wasn’t hitting the Motore Speeder line so well.

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