Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec Shaft

Come for the Looks, Stay for the Performance

I read an article once that suggested the majority of amateur golfers picked a shaft based on its looks.  They were more concerned about the color, finish and look in their driver than the actual performance.  If that were the case, Fujikura nailed it with the looks of the Pro line shafts.  The matte black paired with negative style graphics make it one of the best looking shafts out there right now.  While that might be their reason for initially choosing a shaft, that isn’t going to keep them happy if it doesn’t perform.  The Fujikura Pro is that perfect blend of launch, feel and spin, so people with come for the looks, but stay for the performance.

Any time a company uses the word “pro” or “tour” in the shaft name it does a couple of things.  1. It makes you assume this was designed for professional golfers. 2. It has you wonder if your game is worthy of such a shaft.  3. It leads you to believe it has tighter specs than others. 4.  It offers the hope of better performance.  Now consider that this shaft has both of those words in its name.  Humm?  Yes, the Fujikura Pro line shaft does win on Tour, yet it will fit your game, the specs are tight, and it offers some pretty good performance.

The Pro shafts are Fujikura’s “just right” shaft unlike their F1 & F3’s.  If you look at their other two lines they aim for maybe a more extreme fit at one end or the other of the spectrum, like Goldilocks, too hot or too cold. (which can be a better fit when needed) The Pro blends properties of all their shafts into one “just right” combo. 

The feel of a shaft is so important to performance especially from a mental standpoint.  If it doesn’t feel right, you aren’t going to swing it well, often because your timing will be off.  The perfect amount of kick while maintaining a tight feel is where the Pro got it “just right”.

The Flightscope testing showed me that the kick and feel translated into really good numbers.  The visuals I was seeing on the course were repeated in the numbers.  I installed my Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec in  a Taylormade 430 TP head.  It became an absolute bombing combo.  High speeds, low spin, tight dispersion and long drives.  I found a lot of fairways with this combo and had some of my longest drives of the season with it in the bag.

My swing needs any spin reduction it can find, so using the Tour Spec was kind of a no-brainer.  The spin is lower than the regular Pro model, but not too low.  The launch will also be slightly lower, but with a 10.5* head I had no problems getting loft.  Fujikura offers a bunch of flexes and weights in the Pro line so a fitting might be in order to get it dialed in to your exact needs. 

The Fujikura shaft is a great looking shaft, but the performance is what is going to keep it in the bag for me.  I really like the smooth, yet tight feel, flat ball flight, low spin, narrow dispersion and long drives.  If people choose shafts how they look, this is a great choice, but the excellent results will make them happy with their choice and will keep this shaft in their driver.

Check the price online here

For more information: www.fujikuragolf.com

Quick Hits:
+Stunning looks
+”Just Right” feel
+Excellent overall performance
+Mid/low trajectory
+Low spin
+Tight dispersion

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