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Ventus for the Rest of Us

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I installed a Callway sleeve on the Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft and played 6 rounds of golf with it in my Callaway Rogue ST MAX LS Driver.  Fujikura has had incredible success with the Ventus line on tour.  The TR shaft is the “Goldilocks” shaft in the Ventus line that will  fit many non professional golfers. Mid launch with low spin is a great combo for the rest of us.

This is the definitive Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft Review.

Our #1 pick for Best Driver Shafts in 2024.


Fujikura created a “Ventus for the Rest of Us”; The Ventus TR.  That may have you thinking about Seinfeld.  Things like feats of strength, airing of grievances and a simple pole for celebration.  This shaft offers amazing strength on drives, addresses some of the complaints golfers have with custom shafts and is a pretty straight forward shaft.  While it is a “tweener” shaft in terms of launch and spin, it might just be that “Goldilocks” shaft that golfers are looking for with low spin, but good launch.

 Fujikura is an industry leader in terms of shaft technology.  Especially the use of their ENSO fitting information.  Collecting so much information and applying to the shaft creation process led them to the TR version of the Ventus shaft.  The Red, Blue and Black have your high, mid and low launch properties.  But what if you want a little more launch, but still low spin?  Enter the Ventus TR.  All the stability and accuracy of Ventus, but with maybe more playable characteristics for regular golfers.

The Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft is crafted with exotic materials which make is incredibly stable yet maintains a smooth feel.  Velacore and Spread Tow fabric make it strong, resists twisting and yet doesn’t feel “boardy”.  What that does is reduce ovalization and torsion which improves accuracy and consistency. 

The on-course results of the Fujikura Ventus TR shaft have been the real deal for my swing.  I need lower spin for my driver, but bringing the launch up is also helpful for increasing carry.  It seems like almost every new driver for 2022 has a stock low launch, low spin option for stronger golfers.  While that can be good to reduce spin but launch can still be  the issue. I think by now most golfer know that higher launch with lower spin means longer drives.  The Fujikura Ventus is that “Goldilocks” shaft that offers that combo.


The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft is the “Ventus for the rest of us”  It dominates at the feats of strength, it answer all the airing of grievances against other shafts and has a beautiful, yet simple look.  This shaft really fits a wider range of golfers and while it is kind of a “tweener” shaft, it offers the perfect balance of feel, mid launch and low spin.  If you are looking to upgrade that stock shaft, the Ventus TR might be a perfect fit.

Here more information: Fujikura Golf Shafts

Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Fujikura is a leader in the shaft market. The Ventus line has been incredibly successful on tour. The Ventus TR is a great "tweener" shafts for amatuer golfers.

  • ✅  Pros: Low spin, Mid launch, Excellent feel, Nice simple looks, Fits a wide range of golfers.

  • ⛔  Cons: Aftermarket shafts can get expensive.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Fujikura made a shaft that fit between the Black and Blue Ventus shafts which makes the TR perfect for a wide range of golfers looking for low spin with good launch.


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