FX-Sport VC Golf Headphones

For the 5 1/2" Game Between Your Ears
“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course… the space between your ears.” – Bobby Jones.  This quote rings true so often when out playing a round of golf.  “What was I thinking?” “Focus!” are phrases often yelled at the course by golfers that make mental mistakes.  Actually, most of our mistakes aren’t physical ones, but mental ones.  FX-Sports designed the VC Golf headphones to help conquer that side of the game of golf.  They are the first psychological coaching headphones for golf.
FX-Sports makes a couple of different headphone models.  The VC Golf model is a preloaded 8GB headphone model with music, workout audio and coaching drills and practice ideas.  They also include some “off the course” pod casts.  These wireless headphones are a really nice quality and fit comfortably.  They even look fairly nice when on.  I liked how they fit and had no problem wearing them for extended amounts of time while practicing.

Once I got through the unboxing and charging of the VC Golf headphones I decided to give them a spin.  Now I’m not a directions guy.  I like to just grab things and figure them out on the fly.  Typically I can figure just about anything out.  These however were easy to turn on, but after that they were impossible to understanding how they work without directions.    Even with directions these aren’t overly user friendly.  There just aren’t enough buttons to navigate.  While often “less is more” in this case, “less is just less”.  Pressing buttons that you can see on your ears multiple times to get to the desired coaching tips, workout or music is not user friendly. Especially since you don’t really know where you are going.  There is a menu  option if you hold the center button which allows you to move around more quickly, but the lack of visual information still makes it hard to know exactly where you are going and all the options available.

FX-Sport VC Golf headphones have 4 great coaches offering hours of content:
Dr. Mo Pickens  is one of the psychological coaches.  His voice is easy to listen to with his southern twang.  I found his advice to be pretty solid all around and helpful.  I haven’t listened to all of his talks, but the ones I did were certainly beneficial.

Karen Palacios-Jansen is the workout coach.  She first introduces golf exercises and then goes on to walk you through different options.  If you’ve made it this far into the audio training talks, you’ll have noticed the workout interspersed on the headphones.

David Mackenzie is another mental coach.  “7 habits of highly successful golfers” was one of the talks I enjoyed as he walks through tips for greater success on the course.  I almost felt like I should be taking notes while listening to this one.

Dr. Mark Smith  is a nutritional coach.  He focuses his talks about the Paleo diet.  I’ve heard many good things about this diet.  I just wonder if focusing on one specific diet works for all golfers.  There are certainly many options other there.

FX-Sport VC Golf headphones also have physical workout plans as well as range tips that you can play while practicing.

While all the content was good, easy to listen to and made sense, the delivery method was just too hard to navigate.  I’d love to see them take all this info and put it into an app.  You could then easily navigate a menu and listen to what you want, who you want and when you want.  Scrolling through topic after topic on your headphones is tedious and annoying, especially because you can’t see the buttons.   I think mental coaching is a big deal and really useful.  As a former high school golf coach I can say this one of the most important and overlooked aspect of golf.  I think the VC Golf headphones have content to help, but the mental frustration trying to navigate what you want to listen to might overshadow the good content.   Golf is played in the 5 1/2 ” between  your ears.  The idea behind these headphones is solid, just hard to use.

For more information: www.fx-sport.net/product/products/vc-golf

Quick Hits:
+Great content
+Psychological training works
+Comfortable headphones
+Good sound quality
+Excellent coaches

–Way overpriced
–So hard to navigate
–Not user friendly