Galvin Green Insula Jacket

The Arizona Layer
Golfing in the middle of January in AZ still means a daytime high of 75*.   The weather is absolutely glorious for golf October – April.  But one of the things that has surprised me about the great weather is the large swings in temperature that happen each day.  Just because the daytime high is 80*+, the morning temperatures might be in the 30 or 40s.  I’ve experienced a 40* swing during my round of golf.  Layering is the best way to handle these large variations.  The Galvin Green Insula Jacket is my favorite AZ layering piece of apparel.
The Galvin Green Insula jacket looks like a fairly simple full zip jacket.  The base navy blue color is accented by white and a royal blue.  Glavin Green is written on the sleeve.  I love the full zip for multiple reasons.  It makes it easy to put it on in the morning.  I also don’t  like a pull-over trying to take it off over my head and hat during my round.  I also like full zip for better temperature control.  In AZ as that temperature starts climbing you can adjust your heat retention by lowering the zipper.  You know that once you reach the bottom, it is time to take it off.

The fit is one of the keys to making this jacket function so well as a golf layer.  It fits fairly snug which is designed to trap the heat close to your body so you stay warm.  I’ve used this coat for few rounds that started around 40* and I ended up taking it off once it reach 70*.  I felt comfortably warm the whole time.  The other benefit of a tighter fit is the ability to swing naturally.  Bulky coats impede the swing and feel like you either have to adjust the jacket in order to swing normally or you just simply can’t.  The ample stretch on the Galvin Green Insula jacket allow for a full turn on every swing, with no bulk to get in the way.

I spent most of my life in the midwest that sees temperatures go sub-zero for months on end and when not freezing it generally has a much smoother temperature transition each day.  This jacket is ideal for spring and fall rounds that don’t reach 70*.  For the southern golfer, these massive swings in temperature each day require good layering.  The Galvin Green Insula Jacket is that perfect AZ layer for golfing.  It’s been my “go-to” apparel piece for this winter as it fits perfectly, keeps me warm, and allow me to swing normally.  Regardless of location, this is a great layering piece that just about every golfer could use at some point during the year.

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