Galvin Green Millard Polo

A Top-Shelf Polo
You’ve probably heard of top-shelf liquors.  There are three levels of drinks at any bar; rail drinks, call brands and top-shelfs.  They tend to go up in quality from the bottom to top as does their price.  For the general consumer they can’t tell the difference between the levels, don’t care about the difference or don’t want to spend the money to enjoy the difference.  But let’s be honest, they all get you to the same place when all is said and done.  Polo shirts fit a pretty similar profile.  There are “Walmart” type collared shirts, familiar brand athletic shirts and top-shelf polos.  The Galvin Green Millard is definitely a top-shelf polo.  The craftsmanship, quality, design and price put it in that category
The Millard Polo is a bold design.  It uses 3 different colors to create a striking blend of style and color.  I’ve seen a couple of the different options in person and they all look really good.  The Blue version that I received looks great with white, black or grey pants.   The sweedish blue, white, and midnight blue really look nice as a combo.  The majority of the contrasting colors are on the back “Ventil8” panels.  From the front it looks a little more tame.   They do have bold embroidery of Galvin Green on the sleeve just to be certain people know which brand you are wearing.

The Galvin Green Millard polo shirt offers a trim fit that is not tight.  I typically wear size M in most brands but in Galvin Green the L was a perfect fit.  The sleeves are a little shorter than some which actually is quite nice, so there is no reason to ever pull or push them up like you see some guys doing.  Just be careful if you forget sunscreen on your upper arms, you might get a about a 1.5 inch wide section of sunburn between your normal shirt like and the Millard sleeve end.

All the seams are designed in a way to allow for an easy swing and turn.  There is not bunching, binding or issues while playing golf in this polo.  While most polos don’t have issues, this one really is one of the most comfortable and functional polos I own.

The biggest talking point of this shirt is the Ventil8 design.  The multi-colored back is actually designed to release heat from the back of the shirt as well as the sides.  The dark blue material is more “mesh” like and lets heat escape easily, yet isn’t see through.  Paired with the Ventil8 is their permanent anti-bacterial technology which means even after a sweaty round you’ll feel dry and won’t smell so bad.  This is great when you want to hang out at the 19th hole after your round.

The price of the Galvin Green Millard Polo puts it clearly on the top-shelf.  Yes, other shirts cover your upper body, stretch and even breath at a much lower price, but like everything, this top-shelf polo offers a unique look, great comfort and exception ventil8tion.  If you don’t want to wear the regular “rail” polo, then check out Galvin Green’s Millard for a truly top-shelf polo.

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Quick Hits
+Exceptional comfort
+Stylish cut
+Ventil8 works
+Nice color combos

–Top-shelf pric