Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Apparel

The Right Weight That Still Breathes
I’ve been absolutely amazed by the golf apparel industry over the last few years.  It has gone from a pretty standard cotton or tech-fabric polo to a whole new world with multiple options and numerous blends.  Everyone claims to have created the “holy grail” of polos.  The problem is I’ve yet to see this happen.  If you want breathable, they get super lightweight, if you want a good look, they get heavy and at times don’t breath well.  If you want tech fabric you get a certain look and if you buy cotton another wrinkled look often appears.  Galvin Green may still not have produced the “holy grail” of golf polos, but the new Ventil8 Plus is pretty close to it.  They made a shirt that actually has a nice weight to it for great wear, but yet one that doesn’t feel heavy and breaths amazingly well, even in the AZ summer heat.
 Galvin Green is now a couple seasons in on the Ventil8 technology.  The multiple design features, cuts and material make for a comfortable, well bodied, breathable polo.  Yes this is a 100% tech fabric, but Galvin Green created a fabric that has a nice body to it, a more “cotton-like” texture and just the right weight.  This shirt catches all your sweat and spreads it out quickly into the fabric so that you feel dry.  The Plus version for this year does it even better.

It is the little details that make Galvin Green Mitchell Ventil8 + such a great polo.  The cut is a nice blend of fitted with space.  I’ve been a M now in many brands, but find the L of Galvin Green to be an ideal fit.  The sleeves are a little shorter so that they reach only the upper biceps instead of near the elbow.  You will never have to scrunch up the sleeves toward your shoulder with this shirt.  The body has some space across the chest, but tapers nicely through the midsection without getting tight.  It also has a nice length for wearing tucked or untucked.  The collar is also a great design since it buttons down and holds is shape perfectly wash after wash.  Since it has 4 buttons, you can wear it with a few buttons open without feeling like you are showing off your chest.

The Galvin Green Ventil8 shorts also have a little more body than some shorts.  I like feeling covered up and shorts that have enough thickness to make sure your undergarments are seen through the fabric.  The cut is again slightly more Euro and is fairly form fitting through the backside.  The lower legs reach just above the knee for a nice look and have a wide enough leg opening for my thick thighs.  The waist band has good stretch to it and the woven in Galvin Green Ventil8 has some silicone grip to hold the shirt in place while tucked in.  The waist closure is very secure with a slide hook off to the side and a solid button in the middle.  The back pockets are sown onto the outside and are plenty deep to hold a score card and the front pockets slide in nicely on the side which too have enough depth to hold tees and ball markers without them falling out in the cart.

Galvin Green created a real functional polo in the Ventil8 +.  The material is a little thicker which cover the body nicely, but yet breathes like fabric with half its density.  The shorts function in the same way and are comfortable for walking or riding.  Galvin Green really spends the time and energy into their designs and materials to make superior apparel.  They do have a premium price, but you certainly get more for you money in this case.  Great style, excellent performance and cool comfort even in extreme heat.  The Galvin Green Ventil8 + is just the right weight with plenty of breath.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice style
+Good weight
+It breathes
+On-course function

–Higher price point