Galway Bay Golf Weather Gear

Make a Bad Weather Day a Great Golf Day
While I might have become a fair-weather golfer since moving to AZ; there are still days that I need bad weather golf gear.  Even though it only rains like 8 times a year, I can guarantee that more than once that will be on my golf day.  Also as a traveling golfer, I find myself all over the country playing golf in less than perfect weather.  If you make the pilgrimage to Bandon, you NEED bad weather gear.  Every now and then you will have the golf gods shine on you while there with ideal weather, but that can change in an instant and having some rain gear packed in the bag will be a life saver.  Galway Bay may not be a household name, but their weather gear is some of the best I’ve ever used.  They don’t just dabble in rain gear, it is all they do, and they do it really well.  Their gear has the ability to take a bad weather day and turn it into a great golf day.
Essentially you need 2 main pieces of rain gear; a coat and pants. (I might put shoes and gloves in the “need” category too, depending on how much rain) While all the other accessories like a hat, umbrella, bag cover and towel are useful; the only way to cope with weather physically is a coat and pants.  Galway Bay makes a couple of options for coats and pants.  You can do jacket, pullover or vest and lined or unlined pants.  While in AZ you can usually get away with something minimal because of the temperatures, if you are headed to Bandon, get the lined pants and full jacket.   You need this gear to make sure that weather doesn’t spoil your rounds of golf.

The Galway Bay jacket is fully waterproof and windproof.  It is ready to take on the elements with their craftsmanship ensuring you will stay warm and dry your entire round.  While that is important, the real trick of golf rain gear, is allowing you to swing uninhibited.  This is where Galway Bay shines.  Since this is all they do, they can really focus on the material and the cut to make sure you can swing freely in rain gear.  It takes the right combination of fabrics, stretch, and cut.  They nailed it.  The jacket has a nice trim cut which stays close to the body, but not so tight you feel restricted.  The sleeves are a good length so that they don’t go up and down your arm either.  While the coat has a touch of “plastic” sound to it, it isn’t obnoxious or “crunchy” in a distracting way.  It has a smooth matte finish which repels rain and feels soft to the touch.  The zippers keep out rain and wind also but still allow for easy on and off, as well as access to pockets.

The Galway Bay pants come in two versions, lined and unlined.  I found benefits of both.  I was at Bandon for 4 days and used both pairs to combat the changing weather.  I’ve often worn my rain pants over the top of my regular pants, which works in a last second bind, but this time I figured I’d just wear them as my only pants and see how that went.  First off, no one even suspected I was wearing rain pants which is a good thing.  They don’t “swoosh” when you walk which is the first key to feeling natural in them.  They aren’t baggy or bulky which can also happen to rain pants.  They fit and look like a regular pair of pants.  The lined ones are great to pair with cold weather, while the unlined pants are perfect for warmer temps or over the top of regular pants.  They don’t restrict in any way while walking in them.  Another feature that makes Galway Bay stand out in the rain gear segment is that fact that their pants are sized according to waist and length, not just a random,  S, M, L, XL.  This makes getting a great fit even easier.

A little bonus product from Galway Bay are some arm sleeves.  While I’ve never really thought much about getting arm sleeves, now that I own a pair, I highly recommend getting some.  I see 2 huge benefits of using arm sleeves.  Sometimes you don’t need a full coat or even serious rain gear, you just want to keep your forearms warm.  The arm sleeves are perfect for that with any polo shirt.  Also the intense AZ sun can burn skin quickly and sun protection is also really helpful.  I’ve used these way more than I expected and are nice little bonus product that Galway Bay makes to help you deal with any golf weather.

Galway Bay weather gear has become my go-to rain gear.  I keep it at the ready in my bag in case any bad weather happens on my golf day.  While you might be a fair-weather golfer too, you should still invest in rain gear because you never know when bad weather might pop up.  Galway Bay has the ability to make that bad weather turn into a great golf day.  They only make rain gear and they know what they are doing.  If you are eyeing up a trip to Bandon (which you should) make sure to invest in some rain gear like Galway Bay.

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Quick Hits:
+Rain and wind proof
+Easy to swing while wearing
+Great cuts
+Accurate sizes
+Nice style