GAME Golf vs. ARCCOS Golf Tracking Systems

Which one is better?

GAME Golf and ARCCOS are both awesome stat tracking devices, but which one is better?  This review will compare the 2 units head to head so you can make your own conclusion about which one is better for you.  I don’t think you can go wrong with either unit; they both do a great job of tracking your stats.  They are however different in form and function so you’ll need to make a choice which one you’d rather buy.

1. On-Course Function

  • Tags: GAME Golf comes with 18 club tags which are labeled for certain clubs while ARCCOS comes with 13 universal tags and 1 putter tag.  They both screw into the end of the grip and neither one had durability issues.  They both take a few minutes to install and load initially before you get to the course.  GAME Golf marks which clubs the tags coordinate with so if you switch clubs you can remove them all and put them into the coordinating clubs.  When you remove the ARCCOS tags you either need to remember which clubs they go into or re-pair them through the app. GAME Golf tags are small, light and barely noticeable on a club. ARCCOS has grip dome caps that are light and don’t impact the swing, but are noticeable on the end of a club.  +1 GAME Golf
  • iPhone App/Belt device: ARCCOS uses your iPhone to run the GPS and tags, while GAME Golf has a belt clip that GPS tags each location and then builds your stats on the computer post round.  ARCCOS tracks everything with no addtional motion, just put the iPhone in your pocket and play golf.  GAME Golf requires you to tap the belt unit before or after each hit. While the belt tapping habit forms quickly, the passive nature of ARCCOS is thoughtless. +1 ARCCOS
  • Rangefinder options: GAME Golf and ARCCOS offer GPS yardage to the hole.  They both have a rangefinder option that shows other distances on the hole, bunkers, water, fairway, layup shots, etc.  While they are both app baased, ARCCOS is part of the tracking system, while GAME Golf still requires the belt tapping and the app to be in use.  +1 ARCCOS

2. Post-Round Use

  • Editing/Examining Round: ARCCOS allows you to scroll through each hole on your iPhone immediately after your round.  GAME Golf require you to upload each round into your computer.  You can store up to 10 rounds on the belt unit so you don’t have to worry about it until a later date if you want.  If you forgot to tag a shot you can just add it in on the computer.  GAME Golf is super slick and smooth to use on the computer.  ARCCOS app can be a little tough at time to add a shot because it seems like it scroll opposite of what you’d expect.  But the option to do it while sitting at the 19th hole is really nice.  +1 ARCCOS
  • Stats: GAME Golf and ARCCOS both offer a plethora of stats about your rounds and your clubs.  They both track the good, the bad and ugly.  They both have a unique way of showing those stats to the golfer.  I like GAME Golf’s graph of shots that visually shows you the most common misses.  ARCCOS on the other hand uses a handicap like system to describe your shots as well as common misses.  The feature that ARCCOS offers that GAME Golf doesn’t is the ability to eliminate shots from your averages.  For example if you have to hit a 25 yard 4-iron punch, GAME golf includes that in your averages, while you can hide that one from the ARCCOS average. +1 ARCCOS

3. Battery Life

  • Power: GAME Golf uses a separate rechargeable belt device with power-free tags while ARCCOS uses your iPhone along with battery powered tags.  GAME Golf last a solid 36 holes before needing to be recharged, while ARCCOS will use 60% of your iPhone’s battery for 18 holes.  You won’t get 36 holes out of ARCCOS without a Mophie.  The tags should last 40 rounds before their batteries need to be replaced. +1 GAME Golf
  • Recharging: GAME Golf is a separate unit which I’ve forgotten to charge prior to my round which was frustrating.  ARCCOS is tied to my iPhone which I recharge every night.  But if I used my phone significantly during the day prior to my round, I might not have 60% left by the time I arrived at the course which is also frustrating.  But at the end of the day I’m more likely to have my phone charged compared to an additional device.  +1 ARCCOS

4. Social

  • Sharing: GAME Golf allows you share your round with your friends right after you’ve finished uploading your round.   It even sends out an email to let them know you’ve posted a round.  Commenting on rounds of friends is easy as well as posting them to social media if desired.  ARCCOS also shows your rounds to your friends, but in a much more passive way.  You need to check out the “social” icon on your app. +1 GAME Golf
  • Friends:  GAME Golf and ARCCOS allows you to find and follow friends.  You can see their rounds and their stats from those rounds.  The cool thing that GAME Golf offers is the ability to compare stats and challenge them to games and contests.  +1 GAME Golf

5. Price

  • Cost:  GAME Golf MSRP is $199 vs. ARCCOS MSRP is $299.  ARCCOS has come down in price to make the gap smaller.  Also ARCCOS only works with iPhones so that can be another issue. In the long term GAME Golf has 1 rechargeable battery plus 4 extra tags which eliminates problems with the tags down the road.  I’ve already used GAME Golf for almost 50 rounds and still haven’t spent another penny on it.  ARCCOS says their tag batteries will wear out.  Also if I ever lose one, I’ll have to buy another tag because it doesn’t come with extras.  +1 GAME Golf

The score: 

  • Tie: GAME Golf +5 vs ARCCOS +5 — GAME Golf wins the social, price and tags category while ARCCOS win the on-course function, and stats.  They both are great units and offer many of the same resources for your game.
  • Winner by decision: ARCCOS – After numerous rounds with each unit, I’ve stayed with ARCCOS because it requires no tagging of my belt and everything is right on my iPhone instantly during my round.  The new rangefinder feature makes it an all-in-one stat tracking and playing application to my live golf game.  Their stats are also easier to use and apply to my game for improvement.
  • GAME Golf wins if….You are an Android user and/or cost is the most important factor. 

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