Gary Player DVD Series - A Game For Life

Great Golf & Life Instruction from the Black Knight
There are many different video series out there right now from all different people; instructors, playing professionals, psychologists, and doctors.  They all think that they have the solution you need for golf.  While many of them might be highly qualified, I have a hard time thinking of anyone I’d rather learn from than the Black Knight-Mr. Gary Player.  He is an all time great as a player, he has designed courses and has been an instructor for many years.  A man with his experience and knowledge is worth listening too.
A Game for Life is really a 7 part DVD series broken up into 3 discs: Sand Play, Scoring and Life.  After watching them from volume 1-3, I actually think I would watch them in the reverse order: Life, Scoring, and Sand Play.  Volume 1 starts kind of in the middle of nowhere in a bunker.  There was just a short introduction prior to the menu (The Black Knight doesn’t really need one, but still) and the first place you go is a bunker?  It is slightly odd for a video series in my opinion.  This is the only weakness of the entire series.  Once you get past the odd beginning or watch them in the reverse order, you can just watch and listen to Gary Player all day long.  I rarely watch instructional videos and most of the ones I have are too complicated to remember when you get to the course.  I found Gary Players advice really applicable to my game and put it into practice right away.  It seems to be working so far.

The heart and soul of his message is less technical and more philosophical.  He constantly reminds the viewer that you don’t have to be like someone else; there are many, many ways to get the job done when it comes to golf.  He does however explain there are some fundamental similarities between the best golfers, ball strikers, putters, sand players, etc.  He really puts you at ease with where you might be and where you want to be.  I found each video had something I could apply to my own game.  His catch phrase is turn 3 shots into 2.  He then goes on to show you how to do that depending on the circumstances or lie.  This is probably the greatest advice for any amateur.  It really is all about course management.

Peter Kessler does a nice job in this video interviewing and leading Gary Player to the answers that viewers are most likely thinking.  The series doesn’t use too many different angles or complex videography, but simply shows Gary hitting the shots and telling you how and why he did it.  I think this is a great series to watch for experienced players and weekend golfers.  I will be showing it to my high school golf team, which I think is one of the best audiences for these DVDs.  The life lessons that can be applied to teens, the instruction to make them better, and their practice time to actually make use of what he says will be invaluable.  It is great instruction from one of the greatest players of all time, the Black Knight.

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Quick Hits
+Gary Player is easy to listen to and watch
+Not too technical
+Great tips to take to the course or range
+Understandable and applicable
+Excellent for young people

–Odd beginning starting with sand play.
–A little pricey