GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid Review

Shed Light In Real-Time On Your Putting Stroke

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GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid Cover

I saw the laser remnants of my putting stroke while practicing putting over the last month with GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid. This putting mat with a laser pointer that attaches to the shaft traces your putting stroke in real-time, leaving a glo of what happened on the white mat.  It shows exactly where your club head went before, at, and after impact. Not only can you learn what kind of putting stroke you have, but you can  practice it consistently. 

This is the definitive GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid Review for 2024.

GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid Cover

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GloPro Firefly

The GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid is the coolest training aid I’ve ever used.  I’ve used some weird contraptions that I was embarrassed to let anyone see me using.  The opposite is true with the GloPro Firefly; I wanted to show everyone the cool laser and tracing mat.  Since it is portable you can take it with you to any putting green and work on your stroke.  The laser and mat work in bright light or dark night.  It rolls up small enough in the original packaging that you can easily throw it in your golf bag.  It is really cool to see the laser trace your putting stroke and see it last on the mat for numerous seconds for analysis.

GloPro Firefly IGR

Laser Tracing Mat

The brilliance of the GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid is the laser tracing mat.  It is a roll-up white-faced mat that has a straight aim line and a couple distance slashes.  It absorbs the laser light and holds light for numerous seconds.  This allows the golfer to see and trace their path in real-time while putting.  The mat clearly shows straight back-straight through, arch, strong arch or some poor putting stroke shape.  It can really help teach you what is going on in your stroke that could be affecting impact. 

Laser Attachment

The second component of the GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid is the laser and club attachment.  It too is simple and easy to use.  The laser pointer has a button that is engaged when pushed into the clip.  You can’t leave it on a club when not in use or the battery will wear out.  The other part of the clip attaches to the lower part of a putter shaft.  You can aim the laser in front of, behind, off the heel, or off the toe; basically where ever you want to see it.  It doesn’t really matter because it simply traces the path.  I have it aimed right behind the center of the club so that I can trace my putt path in relation to the ball.  It seemed to stay securely in place for numerous putts in a row.  It clips and unclips easily so you can do this as a warm up drill before your round if you want.

Training Aid Benefits

Besides being the coolest training aid on the market, the GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid helps you learn your putting stroke.  I found initially that if I just practiced putting normally I could learn my tendencies.  After that I moved to concentrated practice on grooving a consistent stroke.  I didn’t try to change it, just repeat it.  You can then work on other things like distance control using the slashes.  It is a really useful tool and training aid, but more of a DIY style training aid.  I mean it isn’t going to create muscle memory because of a forced swing pattern, it isn’t going to make you putt a certain way; it helps you analyze and practice how you want to putt.  I think there is still some room for templates, drills and coaching with this training aid that hasn’t been developed yet.  But as is, the GloPro Firefly is fun, cool, and informative about your putting stroke.


The GloPro Firefly Putting Training Aid is the coolest training aid you can buy. It is really good at putter stroke analysis.  You can see in real time after each putt exactly what your putter is doing before, at, and after impact.  This knowledge is useful for picking the right kind of putter for your stroke, but also practicing this stroke for consistency. Considering how many strokes we take on the green and how impactful putting is to our overall score, this may be one of the most valuable training aids you can use.  It works great for us DIY golf coaches that are looking to get better and practice more.  You can make up your own drills to use the laser and mat for improved putting.  Lasers are cool!  Attaching one to the putter and using the glo mat makes putting practice fun!  

Here more information: GloPro Firefly Website

Use Coupon Code IGR for $5 off

GloPro Firefly Packaging

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