Review: GLUKOS Energy

A Boost without the Junk or Jitters
I love playing golf when it is 85* or warmer.  The heat just feels good, especially after 8 months of MN winter.  I enjoy the way my muscles feel, the way the sun radiates down and the way the ball flies.  There is nothing more enjoyable that a good summer round of golf.  While I love the heat, after about 14 holes, I will often start to drag a little mentally and physically as the walking and heat get to me.  While a cold soda tastes great or an ice cold beer hits the spot or a sports drink quenches my thirst, they all have drawback and really don’t help my game.  GLUKOS offers an energy boost without the junk or jitters.

Outside of water, I hate reading labels on beverages because most of the ingredients are pretty bad for me.  The high fructose corn syrup, the artificial sweeteners, the who-knows-what additives are certainly bad for my health.  While I’m not a health “nut”, I am trying to eat and drink better stuff.  GLUKOS contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, additives, colors or caffeine.

I’m super sensitive to caffeine, so that last one is a big deal for me.  I know this isn’t a big deal for many people who have a pot of coffee to start their day, but I’m not one that can drink caffeine without being immediately hooked and then needing more and more the longer I’m addicted.  It either causes jitters when I have it or the headache when I don’t.

So that brings me to GLUKOS, it is a form of sugar energy that everyone can use.  It is based on a whole lot of science that you can see on their website.  For me it was a pure form of energy that didn’t cause a huge spike or crash, but just a boost to finish my round of golf strong.  I tried the powder mix, the tablets and gummies.  They come in 3 main flavors, lemon, orange and fruit punch.  I actually liked all 3 flavors, with fruit punch probably being my favorite. 

I mixed the powder in a 20oz bottle of water.  It is more water than they suggest, but it’s what I had.  The flavor was good and being mostly water I liked the hydration with the energy it gave me.   The tablets remind me of a big “sweet tart” type of candy.  The package says it will dissolve in 2oz of water, but mine never did, I just ate it like candy which is great during golf, no mess.  I chased them with some water which works pretty well too.  The gummies are maybe not my first choice, but also a candy like product that tastes pretty good.

GLUKOS claims to be instant energy.  I’d say it is fast, but not quite instant.  I felt it took a minute or two for it to kick in.  Usually I would grab a tab to chew on in between holes and by the time I was hitting an iron shot or putting, I would start feeling a little more energized.  I really liked how I felt about 2 holes later with much more energy than I had previously, yet I never felt a crash post round.  I found the key was not to wait until I was feeling drained of energy, but just starting to lose a little pep in my step.

There are many different form to get GLUKOS energy into your body, but any which one you choose has pretty good flavor and offers a cleaner energy than other options.  Walking 5+ miles during a round in the heat can wear you down, so rather than grabbing a soda or sports drink, bring some GLUKOS with you for that “Boost without junk or jitters”.

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Quick Hits
+Fast energy
+Good flavors
+Tablets, powder, gummies, bars and drinks
+”Clean” energy
+No caffeine

–Tablets don’t dissolve in water