Review: Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS

It's OK to Listen to This Voice in Your Head
Speed is the main source of distance.   The faster you swing, the faster the ball launches off the face.  The faster a face can transfer speed to the ball, the longer the ball will go.   However when we try to generate more speed through our swing, fundamentals break down and even though we were trying to gain distance, it comes at the cost of wayward shots and ultimately less distance.  The Epic Speed 3-wood however I found that the harder I swung the more I was rewarded.  Swing speed is rewarded with ball speed.  The technology in this club transfers maximum speed to the ball.
OK, this isn’t the first speaking GPS, the technology has been around for a couple years now already.  I’ve actually liked this simple style GPS from the very beginning.  The Golf Buddy Voice 2 just made some  improvements to this easy to use device.  Like previous models, you just turn in on and go.  Between 30 seconds and minute you will be ready to go to the first tee.  It will locate satellites and then your specific course. It automatically finds you.  If you are starting on the back nine that day, it knows.  Even if you are playing in a shotgun start scramble it will track you down.  It’s preloaded with 40,000 courses so I’m guessing it will be rare to play a course that it doesn’t have.

What I’ve shared with you above is nothing new, the old models did that.  So what’s new? The Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS has some major improvements in battery life.  Most GPS models make it 18-36 holes at best.  This one I made 54 holes easily and might have even been able to make 72.  (I charged it before it was completely dead for my next round)  This is a big deal since I sometimes forget to charge my GPS units between rounds.  This one however will do better in that category.  It is still doesn’t have the life of a laser rangefinder, but certainly better than most GPS units.  The other big change is the much lower price.  At $99 you won’t find too many other options as good as this one.

The Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS also has the ability to use it without the voice.  I found that if you are in a group with “sensitive” golfers, you can turn the voice off, and just look at the screen for yardages to front, middle and back.  I clipped it onto my scorecard holder on my ClicGear cart and had the yardages in front of me all round long.

I like things that are simple, easy and work well.  The Golf Buddy Voice 2 is just that.  The distances are very accurate (comparing to laser) and the automatic features mean there is little I have to do to make it function.  It has voice when you want it at the push of a button and silence when you need it.  The screen is great if you don’t wear it on your hat and clip it somewhere else.  It is OK to listen to the voice in your head if it is the Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS.

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Quick Hits
+Simple use
+Accurate yardage
+Voice or no voice options
+LCD screen for visual yardage
+Improved battery life
+Low price point

–Still not as long of battery as laser

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