Review: GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Watch

It’s No Apple Watch, But It Is A Great Golf GPS Watch

This week Apple made its big announcement about their watch.  They hosted a major media event and everyone was buzzing about the watch.  While I’m not sure if it will be practical or if golfers will start using it, but the Golf Buddy GPS WT4 watch is a great golf GPS watch.  It is stylish enough to wear off the course, yet incredibly functional on the course.   While it can’t do everything a “smart watch” can do, it really offers great features for the golfer.  The 3 highlights would be the Watch, the GPS and the Pedometer.

Let’s start with what it looks like and its simplest of functions as a watch.  I wore this watch to work for about a week and not once did anyone say, “Hey, why are you wearing a golf GPS?”  It is stylish enough with the brushed metal bezel that it can be worn for just about any occasion and serve as a watch.  The wrist band is rubber and has pretty good adjustment to get just the right fit for comfort.  I haven’t used a watch in almost 10 year so it was a little weird at first and I’m not sure I will go back to wearing one, but it didn’t bother me once I got used to it.


Obviously the golfer wants more than a watch, and the GPS is really the highlight of this unit.  GolfBuddy has been in the golf GPS business for some time now and they have very reliable and accurate distances.  This little unit is as good as any I’ve ever used.  It is simple to use, just hold the “OK” button and select the golf icon and within second you are ready to hit the first tee.  It automatically finds the course and goes to the hole you are on.  I used it in both FL and MN seamlessly.  It gives you center, front and back of the green in the basic mode, but if you push the side buttons you can find out all hazard distances as well as a green rendering that allow you to move the flag based on the placement.  I found navigated was fairly easy once you figured it out, but not simple the first time you try, the buttons don’t have any real labels on them so if you just put the unit on your wrist without reading instructions, you might struggle (like I did) finding all the features.

The real benefit of the GolfBuddy WT4 GPS watch is the simplicity and speed at which you can play.  While I’ve been a laser rangefinder guy, there is nothing faster than this GPS watch.   No matter where I am I have it on my wrist with accurate yardage.  It takes only a split second to glance at the easy to read screen.  Since pace of play is such a big issue with golf right now, this is one simple solution to eliminate yardage issues


The final feature that I really appreciated is the pedometer.  I’ve always wanted to know how many miles I walk while playing a round of golf.  The 4 rounds that I used this for were, 7.5, 7.7, 8.2, and 9.9.  While I’m not going to call that my workout, it is still nice to know.

The GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Golf Watch isn’t the Apple watch, but at a much lower price, no need for an iPhone and perfectly designed for golf, it is much easier and simpler for the golfer to get distances, track their miles and even has a little style mixed in.  You have to decide it a watch is for you, but this unit is certainly a great golf GPS.

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Quick Hits:
+Accurate GPS
+Auto-course recognition
+Easy to read
+Fastest way to find distances
+Yardage to hazards
+Flag placement on greens

–It’s a watch