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The iGolfReviews Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators has been lacking pictures/art work on the wall.  While the giant metal IGR logo, golf bags and simulator take up the majority of wall space; it still felt empty.  I’ve been looking for a year for something to add some more golf decor to the room.  Golf Course Prints offers incredibly stylish prints for famous courses as well as any course you request.    

This is the definitive Golf Course Prints Review for 2024.

Golf Course Prints Cover

That Special Course

Is there a course that has special meaning to you?  Did you get a hole in one?  Did you grow up learning the game of golf?  Do you have a membership there?  Is there a momentous life event that happened there?  Is is the site of an epic golf trip?  Golf Course Prints has numerous famous course in their collection that you can choose from like Pebble, Bandon, Pinehurst, Etc.  But if you don’t see the course you want, you can put in a special request for any course for $25-$35.  For me the history of Lawsonia Golf Links made it an easy choice since this was families farm a few generation ago and since turned into one of my favorite courses in the world. If you can’t decide, you can get more than one to decorate your home or office.


I went with the 16 x 20 print so I could put it a frame that I already had.  But you can get framed prints, canvas prints, framed canvas, golf blanket, and golf towels.  The prints come in 6 sizes that you can fit to your frame or wall space.  Numerous courses also have different styles of prints which can be a course map, topographical map, or water color signature hole.  They say they have 4,500+ options which simply means you should be able to find something that fits what you are looking for.  The hard part will probably be narrowing down the choices.   These make perfect gifts because you can pick a basic print up for $30 all the way up to a huge framed canvas for $250.


The Golf Course Print of Lawsonia Golf Courses is a perfect compliment to my office.  I have a special connection to the history of the course as well as it being one of my favorite courses to play.  If you’ve got a special course and need some really nice golf art, Golf Course Prints offers some of the best choices, especially with the ability to get any course custom mapped. The towel and blanket options allow you to take one of their cool prints and take it with you, even on the course.

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