Golf OEM Visits

They are who they are!
Over the last number of years doing golf reviews, I’ve gotten to know a number of golf companies through their employees that I’ve worked with and their style of promoting their products.  Those connections offered me an insiders look at how each company works and how they function on a day to day basis. 
What I found most interesting is that the same public image they portray, is similar to how they act and treat visitors.   Much of what you see is pretty similar to how their employees act in real life.  As you read about each company you’ll understand what I mean.  But for starters, think about one or two words to describe each OEM and there is a good chance that is pretty close to real life how they function every day.  In some ways it was nice to see that, “they are who they are”.

The “Carlsbad Companies” Trip

In November ’13 I traveled to Carlsbad, CA with Stephen Zinger (@SPYZINGER) in order to visit our friend James Patrick (@JPwedges).  He took a job with Titleist this summer and we decided it was time to visit, play some golf and see California.  I can share he is doing well and living the dream.  I can’t wait to see his creations once they are done.   In the process of  planning this trip I decided to reach out the the Carlsbad golf companies and see about visiting their headquarters.  They were all open to the idea and welcomed me into their headquarters.  I let every company decide how they wanted to showcase their company.  I had no agenda, just show me what makes your company special.  I think I got a good sense of what each company does best and what they offer to the golf world.  You can click on the link below to see what happened on each tour.

My Carlsbad visit included:



The Nike “Oven” Trip

In May ’10 I traveled to Fort Worth, TX with a number of other golf writers to learn about the inner workings of Nike Golf.  They flew us down and put us up at a great hotel, showed us the “Oven” and let us explore the Colonial PGA tournament.  You can click on the link below to learn about this experience.

My Dallas/Fort Worth visit included