REVIEW: Golf Pride MCC Team Grips

Show Support of Your Favorite Team
There is much more to a grip than just whatever comes on the club. The variety and options have greatly expanded over the last number of years. Golfers are choosing MCC series grips as their favorite aftermarket grip. The feel and control combination makes them popular at all levels of golf. Golf Pride has always offered an array of color options in the MCC grip, but the new Golf Pride MCC Team Grips line makes it pretty obvious and easy to pick a grip that supports your favorite team. The 15 color combinations will most likely allow you to support your favorite team from any sport college or professional. While there are a few color combinations that might not have made the cut, I’m guessing between the standard color options and the new Team color options, you should be able to support your favorite team.
Golf Pride MCC grips have been on tour and in amateur’s hands for almost a decade.  They continue to be one of Golf Prides most popular grips.  The firmer upper section and softer lower section create two different zones for control and feel in the grip.  The upper helps lock the grip in your hand while the lower offers touch and feel.  They have also proven to be very durable over the years so that golfers don’t need to replace them as quickly as some other grips.
The Golf Pride MCC Team grip is nothing new in terms of grips, just simple new color combinations.  I find it fascinating, as a sports fan, how just a color combination can create such pride for one team, but such disdain for an opposing team.  As I looked over the sample box of all the new team grips, there were a few that I wanted to throw out almost immediately because how dare those team colors exist in my house.  I know of many other fans that have those same feelings over team colors.  Thankfully most of my favorite team colors were available to put on my clubs with pride.

There are many different ways to decide what grip and color you choose to install on your clubs.  The Golf Pride MCC Team Grip gives you the option to support your favorite team with one of their 15 color combinations.  It is a simple way to show some team love while installing one of the most popular and functional grips you can have.  These aren’t just a novelty grip, these are the real deal MCC grip.  Show some support for your favorite team the next time you regrip your clubs.

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Quick Hits:
+15 color combinations
+MCC grips are legit
+Standard or Midsize