REVIEW: GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder

A Huge Step Forward in Design and Function
The laser rangefinder market is becoming more competitive than ever. I remember when I first started writing reviews, there were basically 2 companies making rangefinders; now I think there are probably 20. In such competitive marketplace you have to separate yourself from the pack. GolfBuddy started with GPS based rangefinders a numbers of years back. Most recently also jumped into the laser rangefinder category. Their first model was fine, it worked, but it was fairly plain and was only OK. The new aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is as good as anything out there, and has really impressed me. They have taken some huge strides forward in both design and function with the new aim L10 Laser Rangefinder.

The GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder look so much better than anything they’ve made before.  While looks might not be the most important feature, it certainly makes this rangefinder look and feel a whole lot better.  I like the clean white look of this rangefinder, it doesn’t look cheap, but very classy.  I really like how compact this one is compared to some of its competitors.  It is really small, but yet fits in the hand really nicely.  The days of a 2 handed rangefinder are done, there is really no need.  This one is also very light yet compared to its size feels well balanced in the hand. 

The GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder has excellent function features.  The slider switch for slope or no slope is  right below the eye-piece.  It is very quick and easy to change from one or the other.  While this one might be a little more hidden from your competitors, golf is a game of honesty and integrity anyways so green is slope on, and red is slope off.  I also liked how the display worked with slope on.  It gave you the adjusted number as the main one, but then gave your the line of sight number smaller below.  If you are going to use slope, then I agree, go all in. If the slope is off, obviously you only get the one number.  The case is another simple improvement.  It is small too and holds the aim L10 tightly, even if you forget to zip it or strap it.  While it might seem minor, bouncing down the fairway to stop and see the case open is horrifying, yet having the laser still there is a huge relief.
For me the area where the new GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder really shined was the improved accuracy.  While GolfBuddy has always bragged about “Accuracy Matters” I really feel like this rangefinder actually means that.  I wasn’t impressed by previous models ability to hit targets property.   The aim L10 however is very accurate and very fast that I am very comfortable with it in the bag.  I didn’t even hesitate to take it on a golf trip.  I want accuracy most when I am in unfamiliar territory. I took the aim L10 to Cabot Links and it shined like a star.  I was able to get yardage numbers more accurate and faster than our caddy.  The “pin finder” vibration is more accurate too.  In the past I would hit other objects in the background and get a vibration, with the aim L10 that doesn’t happen.  It just locks on the pin.

The GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is a big step forward for GolfBuddy.  One little feature that some might overlook is the carrying case.  While most have gone to a zipper and bungee strap case that clips on the bag, this case is improved too. It is small, lightweight, look great and holds the aim L10 tightly, even if you forget to zip it or strap it.  While it might seem minor, bouncing down the fairway and seeing  the case open when you stop at your ball is horrifying, but having the laser still there is a huge relief.  I liked how the case functioned both holding the laser and yet making it easy to get out.

The optics look better through the GolfBuddy aim L10 Laser Rangefinder.  It has the same 6x magnification as other models, but dialing in the focus was easy and it is simply crystal clear while tracking down a pin in the distance, or looking for a ball’s landing spot, or for getting the exact distance to the edge of a bunker. I think the wider LCD helps with reading the numbers better too.  I think in general the optics are just plain better in the model.

GolfBuddy has taken a huge step forward with the aim L10 Laser Rangefinder.  I felt that they were kind of middle of the pack before, but this brought them up toward the top.  The aim L10 looks like a high quality rangefinder and functions like one too.  The simple slope on or off slider, the great fit and feel in your hand and the accurate easy to read optics make this an excellent choice for your bag.  GolfBuddy has been around for a while and has always made a quality product, but this is a big step forward for them. 

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent design
+Easy to use
+Clear optics
+Slope or no slope switch
+Lightweight and compact

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