REVIEW: GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch

GolfBuddy aim(s) to be Your GPS Golf Watch
In this day and age it is basically expected that you have a distance measuring device of some sort.  There are laser rangefinders or GPS devices that will give you the distance to the green without having to pace it from the nearest sprinkler head or guess about how far you are from the 150 stake.  The 2 camps of GPS vs. Laser continues with supporters on both sides.  GPS has multiple options:  app based on your phone, handheld unit, voice on your hat or watch.  Each have their pluses and minuses.  GolfBuddy’s new aim W10 is gunning for the watch on your wrist.  Their new watch is a huge step forward for them and might just be your “go to” GPS golf watch.
While I’m in the laser rangefinder camp, I have come to appreciate the benefits of GPS, especially a watch.  It takes zero thought, no time and little effort to get accurate distances not only to the green, but to hazards and other spots on the course that can influence club selection and aim.  While I’ve reviewed some basic LCD screen GPS watches that gave me basic yardage, the new full color 1.3″ touchscreen on the GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch is by far the best I’ve seen.  It is very comfortable to wear and even comes with 2 different band options.  It is ready to go right out of the box with 40,000 courses pre-loaded and no addition subscription fees.  While it may seem minor, but even the packaging has been upgraded and this really looks, feels and acts like a high-end product.
The GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch is fairly easy to set-up and the basic features start on their own.  A couple of clicks and you are ready to play golf.  I like the simple “play golf” choice on the screen that then starts searching for GPS signals.  It didn’t take too long to find GPS as long as you are outside.  If there are multiple courses nearby it gives you the options to pick the appropriate course.  From there it basically automatically does everything else.  The color screen is bright and easy to read in any light, even the bright AZ sun.  There are options in the setting to adjust the look to your preference.  If you swipe on the screen, you can get additional information like scorecard, change holes, hole view, green view, and hazard yardages.  My favorite is probably the hole overview with distance arches.  These are great for judging what and where certain clubs will hit.  It gives you some range and idea if you should hit driver, 3-wood or iron off the tee.  If you zoom in on the green view, you can move the pin if you know approximately where it is on the green for an even more accurate approach shot.
The GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch allows you to use it as much or as little as you want.  The distance front, center and back are always quickly available with a touch and more information is just a swipe away.  I almost always used the scorecard feature too since it was there and readily accessible.  I like that is allows you put in your score and your putts.  While doing so, the touchscreen isn’t quite as easy to use as an iPhone.  If I had a bogey, it sometimes wanted to slide past it to a double or triple bogey.  The putts sometimes moved quickly too.  I found small slow movement with my finger usually did the trick.  Part of that is simple due to the small size of the screen and my fat fingers trying to capture the precise spot I’m trying to touch.  But the bigger swiping side to side or touching the top and bottom of the screen worked perfectly and easily.
The GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch made another huge stride forward with its battery life.  So many GPS rangefinders have such short battery life, you can barely get a day of golf on it before it needs to be recharged.  The aim W10 GPS watch has a really nice use time.  I got 36 holes easily with it and even when I forgot to “turn it off” it still conserved battery so I could use it my next round without charging it.  While it still isn’t an entire golf season on 1 battery like a laser rangefinder, it certainly is a big improvement.  I found the watch stylish and comfortable enough to wear it off the course, even after golf.  While it might not be my everyday watch watch, I didn’t feel the urge to rip it off right after golf either.  The “watch” feature looks nice and can go to GPS mode for golf quickly.  It does have a pedometer feature to track you steps, but it seemed a little strong when I used it.  I know I walked a bunch of steps, but it had it a few thousand extra compared to a “Fitbit.”
I’m not sure I’ve ever really supported a GPS golf watch before, but the GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch is one I would suggest could compete with your laser rangefinder for your on-course distance needs.  It is accurate,  innovative and measurably better.  Well done GolfBuddy on this big step forward in design, features and function of their new aim W10 GPS Watch.  

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use
+Lots of features
+Color touchscreen
+Good battery life

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