REVIEW: GolfJet Subscription Service

Tour Pro Perks for the Amateur Golfer
Tour Pros show up at each tournament with a locker filled with a new hat, new gloves, and new golf balls. That sure would be nice to not worry about running out of golf accessories. Buying them right before you round at the pro shop will break the bank and finding time to get to the brick-and-mortar golf store or online shop doesn’t always happen. If only golf balls, gloves and tee just showed up, we’d feel more like a Tour Pro. GolfJet is a subscription service that sends you balls, gloves and tees on your desired schedule.
While Tour Pros get these perks for free, unfortunately you have to pay, but GolfJet offers a solid deal with their monthly subscription offerings.  You get a dozen balls, 4 tees and a glove for approximately $40/month.  While that isn’t exactly cheap, it is a solid deal for what you get delivered to your door.  The products are tour level quality so it is a solid deal.
GolfJet offer 2 choices of golf balls Jet3 or Jet4.  They are designed as tour caliber balls with Urethane covers.  The Jet 3 is for faster swing speeds and the Jet4 is for slower swing speeds.  If you removed the logo, you can’t tell these golf balls apart from any other tour level ball.  The Jet3 played very much like a ProV1.  It might even be a touch softer, but good distance off the tee and excellent greenside spin.  I didn’t hit the Jet4 but sounds like a Bridgestone Tour B RX ball.
The GolfJet Welcome pack comes with hat and towel as well to round out your accessories.  These are both nice and useful on the course.  Nothing extraordinary, but very nice, classy products.  The tees that come in every pack are “blade” style tees that have a rubber top on top of a blade like post.  They are white and gold which make them pretty easy to find after a tee shot.  It is tall and strong so you can tee it high or low and use the same tee for multiple rounds.  I didn’t break one yet.
The final piece of the package is the GolfJet app.  It offers you GPS and stat tracking, social interaction and POINTS.  This is the real reason to use the app.  It is a solid GPS app for golf, has some great social capabilities and the handicap and stat tracking features are really nice; but the best benefit is getting points toward your subscription service if you log in each round you play.

GolfJet offers tour pro treatment for amateurs at a fair price point.  The products are all high quality and worthy on their own, but as a package, it is a pretty solid set-up.  Its like getting a free golf and tees with every dozen golf balls you buy.  You can get them regularly delivered to your house so that you never have to worry about balls, tees, gloves, or GPS.  You’ll always have those ready to go for each round where ever you play.  Check out GolfJet for the tour pro treatment.

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Quick Hits:
+Pro Level Golf Balls
+Excellent cabretta golf
+Tees and ball marker
+Hat and towel with welcome pack
+Reasonably priced
+Choice of subscription price and products