Review: Golfzon SwingTalk Training Aid

Just Tell Me What I'm Doing
Sometimes it’s just nice to hear a voice tell you what you are doing wrong or right.  When your playing partner says “you were lined-up way right” which is probably why you hit it into the trees; or “That was great tempo on that swing” which is in part why you hit it right down the middle.  SwingTalk is a swing analyzer training aid that speaks to you as you practice.  It tells you club head speed and tempo as just part of the improvements you can make with their data.

SwingTalk by Golfzon is similar to the other swing analyzers on the market.  It is a small Bluetooth grip cap that you screw into the butt end of the grip and swing away.  It track what the club is doing from address to impact.  It is super easy to connect to the app and stays paired every time you open the app and turn it on, it is ready to go, no extra finding it in the settings.

The unit itself is slightly bigger than the end of the grip and is only a half inch tall so it doesn’t have an impact on the swing of the club, other than making sure you don’t bump it on the grip during your swing with you hands.  The extra size means I wouldn’t leave it on my club beyond my practice session because it might get hooked on something and broken out of the end of the grip.


Obviously the major selling point is the fact that you don’t have to look at your iPhone after every swing.  It talks to you about your swingspeed and tempo.  The voice is clear,concise and easy to hear, even at a busy range or windy day.  I liked the basic data it shared with me via the voice, but the majority of data that I need to really improve is visually represented on the app pages.  Below are a bunch of screen shots of a recent training session I did with the SwingTalk App.  I really like the key points of my swing data.  What is really nice is the information tab next to each data point that helps you understand what numbers to be looking for and even a suggestion about how to accomplish it. While it actually gives more data than I can use at one time, having it there for analyzis as time goes will be pretty useful.  One big thing I learned is my swing doesn’t stretch out enough, I’m too compact.  Many of those number will move into a better range with a little swing adjustment.

Make sure you adjust the settings on the app to what you want for speed.  You’ll never reach some of their goals if you don’t. They set the driver swing speed goal at 112 mph  which is really fast, especially since this device reads slow.  I couldn’t get my driver swing over 88 mph with SwingTalk no matter how hard I swung, which according to my FlightScope Launch monitor is a good 12+ mph slow. (and based on on-course distance)  If you just adjust the settings it will be fine for a target, even if it isn’t the exact speed.


Beyond the iron data collected above, it will work with any club in the bag, even the putter.  This isn’t the case with many of the other swing analyzers.  The SwingTalk gives you path angle and tempo on the putter as well as more details distances and routes of the putter head.  I can see this being really useful to correcting repeated misses.

Another great section of the app is the training section.  It has some goals to accomplish with 5-10 swings and then ranks you by percentage.  The cart will track all of your various clubs so that you can see when and if you improve.  I haven’t had the SwingTalk long enough to know if that section will help or not, but I can see potential.


The SwingTalk Training Aid by Golfzon offers things that no other device like it does in a clean and easy to use app.  It is actually the best app I’ve used so far for understanding the data and ease of use.  But like all the other swing analyzers out there, it is limited in how much you can actually do and improve on your own.  I set up a RUKKET net in the backyard and can pound balls into all day long using this app, but without the eyes and advice of a professional, I’m not sure if I can make major improvements.  I certainly can make some tweaks like tempo and avoiding the outside-in swing path, but do I really know what I need to do to create more width in my swing properly?

If you want to analyze your swing, save the data, and try to get better on your own, this is the best app and measuring device I’ve used so far.  I’m still working on the fix to some swing issues, but The SwingTalk just tells me what I’m doing.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to set-up
+Excellent data reports
+Swing Challenges are interesting
+Talks to me about speed, tempo and path
+Works with every club in the bag

–Still limited improvement without a swing coach
–Inaccurate speed measurements