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REVIEW: Graphite Design Tour AD DI Shaft

Big Name=Big Results
Anytime that a company gives a driver shafts a name that speaks about distance, or length or huge drives, they better back that up, otherwise we are disappointed.  Graphite Designs newest shaft the Deep Impact is clearly a name that better be backed up.  Fortunately, for Graphite Design, it does.

This shaft was available for some time, at least to tour players, but didn’t really makes its splash until TW put it in play for his first tournament back after his 5 month indiscretion induced vacation.  While Tiger didn’t win the tournament, he had decent driving statistics for that week.

But again, just because a big name player put this shaft in play, doesn’t mean the rest of us can hit it.  This shaft however will appeal to many players, both low handicaps and even higher handicaps.  It is not a super low launch, no spin shaft that most golfers can’t get off the ground, but this is a mid/high launch shaft with low spin.  

So some of the basics; it is an orange and white shaft with just a touch of Irish green on the bands.  It comes in a number of different weight and flex options.  I did the DI-7s in an I-mix tip.  Now typically I play a stiff flex, but Graphite designs shafts always seem to run a touch soft, so I tipped mine an extra ½”.  It worked out very well. 

One area that Graphite design has always been known for is their incredibly smooth feeling.  The DI was no different.  It has a great controlled smooth feeling from start to finish.  There was no whippy feeling or loose feeling, but not even a touch of boardiness.  It just felt like you knew where the shaft was and what it was doing for the entire swing.

On the course I found this to be long and straight with highball flight yet low spin for roll out.  I had great confidence in this shaft and it resulted in long accurate drives.

Graphite Design set the bar high with the name, and delivered excellent results.  This really does have deep impact on the ball and where it lands so far down the fairway.

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