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REVIEW: Graphite Design G-Series Shafts

So Fly Like a G-Series
There are lots of different expressions about driving the ball.  One that I like is “Tee it high and let it fly”.  I’ve found that to be great advice, especially for the new Graphite Design G series.    It just flies.
I’ve played a number of different Graphite Design shafts over the last couple years, one of my favorites being the Deep Impact.  That thing really bombs the ball, but it is not exactly the cheapest of shafts.  The New G-series is a little more economical along with being a completely different design.  The deep red shaft is one stunning looking shaft with the black and white logos and lettering.
The first thing that I noticed with the G-series was the wide variety of weights.  Going all the way down to a 49gram shaft.  That is the new thing, to go lightweight to gain swing speed.  I’ve been kind of on the fence with this new direction since I typically found lightweight shafts hamper directional control and consistency.  It seemed like the lighter the shaft, the looser the swing.  I always found that if I had a lighter shaft in my driver I had to throttle back a little and tone down my swing to keep it under control, thus not really gaining any benefit from the lighter weight.  With the heavier weight shaft I could swing for the fences and not worry about losing control.

So I thought it would make a good comparison to review the 40 G-series and the 70 G-series.  My first round was with the 40G.  I wanted to be fair so I started with easier swings to get the feel for this shaft.  I was impressed on the easy swings, it just flew.  Mid/High launch with mid spin.  It just went straight.  I was impressed how stable it felt.  So as the first round progressed I just kept swinging harder and harder to see how it would hold up.  It just kept flying straight.  I couldn’t believe how stable this 40 gram shaft was.  By the end of the first rounds I was flying it out very far getting right up to the Deep Impact range.  The X Directional Technology (XDT) stuff really works.  Lightweight, yet stable is great for all golfers.

So the 70G had some real competition.  Feel was just a touch stouter, and flight was a little stronger and spin seemed just a touch lower.  But the stability and accuracy remained the same.  I found it to be very similar in length to the 40G it just got there a different way.  The 40G was mostly carry while the 70G was a little more roll out.  I could see switching these two shafts in my driver depending on weather and conditions.  The 70G in a strong wind would be the better choice, but in calm conditions where carry was most important the 40G would be the choice.  I really felt that these played true to flex too.  GD has always been known to make a great feeling shaft and these were no different.

I could see going 40G in driver and 60G or 70G in 3-wood.  There shafts are really stable and have a mid-range price.  If you want to go light, but keep control the G-series is a perfect match.  So let it fly like a G-series.

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Quick Hits
+Very Stable and accurate
+Weight options-very light to normal
+Great GD feel

–Mid launch and mid spin



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