Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft Review

This Shaft Will CONQUEST Your Driver


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I (T_Fity) used the Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft for 6 rounds of golf in TX this winter. I’ve also been able to hit it indoors on the 2nd Swing Golf simulators.  It was able to CONQUEST my driver for even better driving statistics.

This is the definitive Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft Review for 2023.

New in 23’ Graphite Design will be the reason you complete your Conquest with the latest addition to the Tour AD line-up, the CQ. Well known for high performance and premium golf shafts, the engineers at Graphite Design are continuously seeking to produce the optimal shaft for your game. With 5 weight options and 6 flex designations, the Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft will be why you invade new territory on the Course.


Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Graphite Design Tour AD CQ has a very sleek appeal. The distinctive bands of a Graphite Design Tour AD CQ shaft are Gold and Red set on a Jet Black runway. As usual, this color combination goes with pretty much anything you want to hit. 


The new Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft is everything you would expect from a Tour AD shaft. Feel is always subject to the person making the comments, but this shaft is yet again an instant winner for the response it has when loading and unloading during the swing. Being an updated replacement to the Tour AD MJ model (Softer tip shaft that would promote higher launch and a bit more spin), this profile is described as Firm Butt Section – Firm MidSection and Medium+ Tip Section. I like how all the shafts for Graphite Design can be compared by Stiffness using the 3 zones of the shaft. From the perspective of a Fitter, the entire line up of Graphite Design shafts are laid out, so before you even try the shaft you can identify the key elements you need for the best fit.


The new Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft is designed as a mid to high launch with mid spin characteristics. This was a huge bonus for my driver game. I’ve been trying to get more launch and spin to optimize my ball flight in the long game. Looking back on my driving stats for the 6 rounds I played with the Tour AD CQ, I found 66% of the fairways, compared to the 6 rounds before which was only 53% of the fairways. One of the trends we have seen in the last decade with Drivers is to reduce spin for longer straighter shots. Something I’ve noticed over my last 5 or 6 drivers is the lack of spin keeping the ball in the air longer. Sure it’s nice to see the ball roll out another 10-15 yards on a firm fairway, but the new Tour AD CQ can help get more of that launch and spin for today’s low spin equipment.


The Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft features a new Nitta 2G-Namd carbon fiber material technology in the butt end of the shaft. Nitta 2G-Namd is a modern carbon nanotube technology material that binds the fibers tighter together than standard carbon materials. This results in a higher degree of energy transfer thru the golf club and a more solid impact because it’s main purpose is vibration dampening. 

Along with the new Nitta 2G-Namd material is Graphite Design’s proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology. The way each layer of material is used helps create the unmistakable feel and performance in all Graphite Design shafts. This attention to detail in production is what makes Graphite Design one of the industry leaders.


For decades Graphite Design has released an award worthy shaft and 2022 is no exception with 51 worldwide global tour wins.  Many factors go into finding the optimal shaft for your swing, find an Authorized Dealer to help you get the right Tour AD shaft in your club.

With 34 years of Tour proven Accuracy & Distance… Maybe it’s time for you to experience the difference a premium, Graphite Design shaft can make!  If you need a CONQUEST in your driving game, check out the Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Shaft.

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