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REVIEW: Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shaft

Let's Hyper Drive into 2021
New for 2021 Graphite Design has taken the ultra performance Tour AD golf shafts and kicked engineering into Hyper-Drive to create the HD. Graphite Design Tour AD shafts define technology by combining materials and application to produce shafts with elite performance for any golfer. The Tour AD HD is a Mid Launch with Low to Low/Mid Spin shaft that will be a must have in 2021. With 16 different weight and flex options to choose from, there is an HD shaft that will best fit your swing for the best results. I punched the Hyper-Drive on this new shaft and my driver game has taken off.
I would argue that no golf shaft is more recognizable than a Tour AD, with the noticeable shaft bands near the grip. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD HD is white with light blue accents and a matte clear coat. There also appears to be a sparkle to the paint on this shaft. It reminds me of custom paint on a car that has a different shine in the sunlight. This will blend nicely with any driver combination you try.

The new Tour AD HD also has the feel you have come to love from a Tour AD shaft. I’m sure this has to do with Graphite Design’s proprietary Fast Taper Technology (FTT) design. There is a nice loading and unloading feel to the shaft during the swing that makes the Tour AD HD very smooth, but incredibly responsive. With a lower torque number the acts like a very stiff board, but doesn’t feel that way. Feel is always subject to the person making the comments, but this shaft is one of the smoothest I’ve tested from the Tour AD line up without feeling too flexible. The profile is described as Firm Butt Section – Firm Mid Section and Firm+ Tip Section. I like how all the shafts for Graphite Design can be compared by Stiffness using the 3 zones of the shaft. Before you even try the shaft you can identify the key elements you need for the best fit. In playing the last 5 Tour AD models, they have been very accurate in the description of flex and corresponding feel.

The new Tour AD HD utilizes the same TORAYCA ® T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology as the past few Tour AD shafts. This provides the tip section of the shaft with additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control.  The Tour AD HD also utilizes brand new TORAYCA ® M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg in the Mid to Tip section of the shaft as did the XC model in 2020. This strength in transition from Mid to Tip helps create a Mid Launch and Low/Mid Spin characteristics, as well as give the shaft rotational stability for added consistency in shot dispersion.  Along with TORAYCA ® and NANOALLOY ® is Graphite Design’s proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology. The way each layer of material is used helps create the unmistakable feel and performance in all Graphite Design shafts. This attention to detail in production is what makes Graphite Design one of the industry leaders.

I love testing new equipment, because my swing is very repeatable. I don’t drive the ball super long distances, but I certainly find more fairways than I miss. The Tour AD HD shaft was a pleasant surprise because I was already playing the Tour AD XC in my Gamer driver with great success, only to have it replaced with more optimal numbers on the course. Adding distance to my driver was great, but the best part of the HD shaft is the consistency. Even mis-hits are flying straighter with more distance. I’m sure that’s why every shaft has (ACCURACY & DISTANCE) printed on it.

If you have a Tour AD shaft in any of your clubs, then you know how good they are and why the New Tour AD HD will be talked about. For the last few years Graphite Design has released an award worthy shaft and 2021 is no exception. The Mid Launch with Low to Low/Mid Spin is a great fit for someone needing a penetrating ball flight.  Find an Authorized Dealer to help you get the right Tour AD HD in your club.

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Quick Hits:
+Solid Tour AD Feel
+Penetrating Flight with Low/Mid Spin
+Wide Range of Weight and Flex Options
+More Consistent Mis-Hits
+Unmistakable Graphite Design Looks

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