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A Square Cart Bag Is Absolutely Genius

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I strapped the Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag to carts for 7 rounds of golf. It is the most unique cart bag on the market because it is square rather than round.  It rides incredibly well and has features no other bag offers.  The pockets and storage work amazingly well on the course. It is an absolutely genius design.     

This is the my Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag Review for 2023.


Grit started in the hockey bag industry 20 years ago.  This Canadian company has grown into a multi-sport bag making brand.  2023 is the launch of their golf bag.  The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag takes all their knowledge in bag building and applies that to the golf bag.  While I know that there were square bags like 50 years ago, I haven’t seen one produced since I started iGolfReviews.  It not only breaks the typical mold of a golf bag, it does it brilliantly.  It is not just different, it is better. This could just be the best cart bag you can buy.

Why square?  The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag is basically the same size as any other cart bag except it is square.  It begs the question why hasn’t a square bag been made before?  The size fits nicely in back of a power cart and rides just as nicely on push carts.  Unless something is molded very specifically for a round base, this bag rides perfectly.  A big part of going square is to take all the pockets of a round bag that usually fill the sides and places them all in the front of the tower. It creates a more compact bag that still holds as much or more than a round bag.  Which also means it “plays” nicely with other bags in the cart.

The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag has one main pocket, although it is more like a door that opens into storage closet.  The large zipper “door” opens into a 3 tier shelving system that can hold everything imaginable for golf   I absolutely love this organized storage system that keeps everything neat and orderly.  I can zip open the door and easily find and grab what I was looking for.  Compared to the massive side pocket that turned into a jumbled storage closet of lost golf gear, this is like a California Closet for your golf bag.

The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag also has a magnetic top ball pocket which the cart strap fits under.  This dual zipper pockets keeps those more used accessories close at hand as well as a waterproof valuables pocket ready for anything.  There are tee slots on the outside and both golf balls and a rangefinder fit easily into this pocket.  It lifts to hold the cart strap under it nicely so that your bag is secure without crushing any storage.  The other “pockets” in the bag are beverage cooler sleeve and a mesh pocket for holding a speaker.  The beverage cooler sleeve is a fascinating take on a drink holder.  It is a 2′ long “canister” that can hold multiple cans or bottles on the side of the bag.  It is clipped to the bag and can be easily removed to be filled up at the turn.  It too is unique and genius.

The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag has a 15 way divided top which included 4 full length dividers which make an X shape on the top.  The slots are all different angular shapes on the top.  It certainly has a different look when you start inserting your club into it and figuring out the pattern you prefer. These angular dividers don’t hold the clubs in perfectly straight rows so when all the clubs are in the bag, they have a kind of weave pattern to them.  I could see it being made with more square slots on the top.  However the angular slots create a stiff web on the top of the bag as well as holding the clubs more securely.  They tend to gravitate toward the narrow part of the angular slot which creates an almost pinch like effect keeping them from falling out or bouncing around. There is an oversized slot which can accommodate large putter grips.  While it lacks a few full length dividers, I found the clubs went in and out of the slots easily. 

The square shape of the Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag works on and off the cart.  It stands nicely in the garage, or at the bag drop.  It doesn’t roll around in the trunk like a traditional round bag does.  And surprisingly carries very nicely with the single strap.  I thought maybe it would be awkward trying to carry it from car to cart, but it balances really nice and the hip pad hits squarely on the body making it easy to carry.  I don’t think I’d want to carry it for 18 holes, but moving it around by the strap is easy.  The lift handles at the top and molded into the bottom make it easy to lift from a trunk too.

The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag comes with the other standard bag stuff like a rain cover, umbrella loop, a valuables pocket, velcro glove holder and a couple loops for attaching a towel and rangefinder bag.  The only change I would make would be to move the towel/rangefinder loop to the front of the bag rather than its current location near the back.  The bag comes in 4 colorways; black, black and red, black and red and white or light blue and gray.  I’m sure that they will offer more colors in the future as this bag becomes more popular.


How did no one think of this before?  The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag is absolutely genius.  The square design rides better, fits better and with the “California Closet” on the front of the bag it functions better too.   I am impressed by this bag from top to bottom.  It is not just the square shape, but the well thought out use of the redesign that really makes this bag amazing.  It does everything your current cart bag does, only better. 

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Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Grit may have started in the hockey bag industry, but they have brought their 20 years of experience to a golf bag which is absolutely genius. The square Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag is one of the best bags you can buy.

  • ✅  Pros: Square shape, California Clost style front pocket, 15-way top, Beverage sleeve, Magnetic top pocket, Balanced to carry, Rides and stands nicely, Easy lift handles.

  • ⛔  Cons: Towel/rangefinder loop is near the back.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag is absolutely genius. Why no one has done this before is beyond me. This might be the best cart bag made. The huge organized pocket is AMAZING and the way it rides and fits on carts is outstanding. If you are looking for a cart bag, you need to check out the genius design of the Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag.


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