REVIEW: Hip Start Training Aid

Is More Power Really This Simple?
In order to hit the ball further, you need to generate more speed.  In order to generate more speed you need to have more power, or be more efficient with the power you have.  To some extent, power starts with the hips.  As Shakira says, “the hips don’t lie.”  Maybe you’ve seen some golf training videos which have the golfer attached to a fitness band and rotating their hips.  This move is specifically designed to generate more power.  Could Hip Start do essentially the same thing?
Hip Start is about as simple as a training aid as it gets.  There is a belt clip with a flip arm on it.  The arm is friction “locked” in one position and if you swivel your hips enough it will “unlock” and flip the opposite direction.  It can be used by right or left handed golfers.  It really is for an exaggerated exercise.  It really isn’t designed to be used while hitting range balls.  It is aimed to be part of a warm up routine, or some other training sessions.

Hip Start is only $19.95 so it isn’t going to break the bank, but even though it has a low price point, they could include some directions.  I’ve been annoyed lately with companies not including instructions with their products.   I know we live in a “YouTube” world to solve any of our problems, but simple sheet of paper on how to use a product is still nice.  The video shows you how to line it up with your back hip pocket.  Then you just focus on hip swivel for some warm up swings.  You don’t need a club, and actually seemed pretty hard to use with a club.  I could have shown this in about 3 or 4 graphics which took me a couple minutes to watch on YouTube.

Hip Start has potential, but only as much potential as you are willing to put into your golf game.  It isn’t tons of fun, nor is is immediately rewarding, but if you focus on your hips, there is more power to be found in your swing.  It does take a fairly powerful hip motion to make it flip so it is ideally suited for younger, stronger golfers.  If breaking your hip by falling is a possibility, you might not want to mess with this training aid.  If you have time, energy and commitment to improving power, this little simple training aid could unlock some potential.  Your hips don’t lie when it comes to more power.

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Quick Hits:
+Multi-Sport use
+No range required
+Low Priced

–No instructions
–Limited market