REVIEW: Hole 9 Design Putter Headcover - Throwback Gamer

A Childhood Memory Putter Cover
Retro gaming systems have made a comeback in the last couple years.  You can buy an Atari, Sega or NES system which allows you to play all of the old games I grew up      playing.  The difference between modern games and the retro games is so drastic.   The old games were so pixilated by comparison.  Hole 9 Design created a putter cover to honor that retro game look with its new Throwback Gamer Putter Cover.   So whether you game on the couch or on the course, you can appreciate this retro cover that might even transport you back to your childhood.
Anytime you break from the stock headcover, you are making a statement and commitment to something other than the brand.  This putter cover market is becoming saturated with options.  Many of those options are tied to expensive putter companies.  You might still be branding someone, even if you don’t have their putter underneath; Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, Tyson Lamb, or Swag are a few that come to mind.  While they make tons of cool covers, they are still a putter brand.  Hole 9 Design is just a headcover company, so you don’t have to worry about what brand of putter you are covering up, they play with everyone equally.

Once you’ve committed to different putter cover, you want to find one unique and cool.  Hole 9 Design has a few options that I think are pretty cool.  The Throwback Gamer is certainly their best.  The other covers they offer a cool and stylish, but this one takes the crown.  The stitched graphics of this cover remind me of my childhood playing golf on an NES system.  The style, colors and design are excellent.  Even without the design, it is a quality cover.  I like the magnetic closure which is very strong by the way.  The interior fur is soft and the padding is plenty.  It is simply a solid headcover with a cool design.  The other feature of Hole 9 Design covers is that they only make 50 of them so you don’t have to fear the rest of your 4-some having the same  putter cover that you have.

Hole 9 Design Throwback Gamer Headcover is really cool.  It was a great conversation starter and the quality was top notch.  They just need to offer more options to make splash in the golf world.  Starting a small golf business is hard, but if they are committed to making headcover they need to find their niche and following.  Their prices are good, so it is just a matter of designing more covers for the golfing world.  This cover brought back some great childhood memories. 

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