REVIEW: HoleOut Golf Accessories

6 Simple Accessories to Help Your Game
If there were an easy way to get better at golf we’d all jump on board.  The reality is that golf is hard.  Unfortunately sometime we make it harder than it needs to be with poor practice time or bad on-course decisions.  HoleOut golf can help both on and off the course so that you can play a better round of golf.  Nothing is revolutionary, but simple things that can help in little ways at the range or on the course.

Anit-Sway Pro – Go to any driving range and you’ll see many golfer trying to get better by pounding balls out into an open field.  Unfortunately many won’t get better because their swing needs help, not just more wrong swings.  The Anti-Sway Pro is a simple bracket that the golfer attached to their back foot and swings.  It will force them to eliminate some sway from their swing, which will help the majority of golfer hit with better contact.  Personally this isn’t the issue with my swing, but it did help me focus on my foot work a little more.  It’s slightly clunky to dig out of the bag and use, but then again most training aid are.

HoleOut Pro – You’ve seen countless golfers plumb-bob their putts.  Maybe even you are a big fan of this alignment and green reading technic.  But you might not have know this, but your putter doesn’t always hang vertical.  Some directions it does and others it doesn’t  The Hole Out Pro is a putter grip insert that includes a ball marker on the top.  There are flattened sides which will help you line your plumb-bob up vertically every time.  So if this is your green reading method, you need one of these.

PerfecTowel – It is a 3 layer towel with the Towel Caddy included.  It has multiple layers for wet and dry towels in one.  This is a great idea to keep your clubs clean, but also dry.  I liked the compact size as well as the Towel Caddy clip so you can take it with from the cart out to the green or fairway by clipping it on your club.  Also really nice for cleaning the golf ball on the putting green.

 Towel Caddy – It is a little rope with a clip on the end so you can use your favorite towel anywhere without losing it.  It will allow you to take the towel with you anywhere on the course or keep it attached to your bag.  It doesn’t clip the best to a normal bag loop, but there are so many other places to clip it, that it isn’t really a big deal.

PerfecTee – This is a plastic tee made in a triangular shape.  I’ll be honest to me a tee is kind of a tee, I can use any kind for just about any shot and it doesn’t make a difference.  The only benefit I found with this tee is that in really hard ground, the angular shape of the tee gave it a sharp and strong point to get into the ground.


Pro Mass Counter Weight System – You can attach different weights to the Hole Out Pro.  This way you can actually dial in your counterbalance instead of just the one choice the putter maker offered.  I’ve been a fan of counterbalancing in my putter for awhile now and this is a slick, easy way to try different weights and settle in on the right one for you.

HoleOut Golf made a nice line up of products that might be a good fit for your game.  Nothing “wowed” me as an absolute must have, but everything they make is useful, solid and a quality product.  If one of their 6 products fits your needs, you will certainly be happy with what they produced.

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Quick Hits
+Quality products
+Helpful accessories
+Reasonably priced

-Nothing revolutionary