Review: Honma TW737 UTc Hybrid

Premium Name Equal Premium Performance!
Honma is famous for selling some of the most expensive clubs you can buy.  Their gold-plated ones sell for thousands of dollars.  That market is clearly for people with deep pockets.  The premium market for golf clubs is just coming into its own in the US.  While gold plated golf clubs are still pretty rare,  Honma is bringing their premium name to mainstream clubs.  While gold plate clubs aren’t going to take over the US market, Honma clubs perform as good as anything on the market.  But the real question is, does the Premium Name equal Premium  Performance?  Honma surprised me with more than just an exclusive name; I was really impressed by the on-course and FlightScope results.
The Honma TW737 UTc (compact) has a more round shape for a hybrid that has minimal offset and no adjustability.  It is made with a steel cup face and a low CG.  It is clearly aimed at the lower handicap golfer.  They also make a larger model the TW737 UT.   It is offered in a 19*, 22* and 25* model.  I went with the UT19 which is kind of my standard lofted hybrid.  My main objective for a hybrid is a straight hitting club that is versatile from various lies and hits a consistent distance to fill the gap between my 3-wood and irons.
I’ve noticed a trend of many hybrids that have a very flat sole and high toe.  That look and design isn’t for everyone.  The Honma TW737 UTc has a much more rounded design for a sole.  It has good camber from heal to toe across the bottom and from leading edge to trailing edge.  The toe is also down which appeals to a number of golfers.  High toe can look visually like it is going to hook the ball.  Even though this is the compact model, it is still decent size.  They do offer an iron style utility if you want something really compact.

I think that the Honma TW737 UTc fits the low to mid-handicap golfer pretty well.  It isn’t too draw bias or too large, nor does it have too much offset.  It still would fit a mid-handicap golfer because it has just enough of those features to help them too.   One feature that both groups will like is the distance of this hybrid.  It is long, maybe not the longest, but consistently it hit 220 yards which is the gap I needed to fill between the 3-wood and 3-iron of this set.  Some sets my gap is closer to 210, but since the TW737 3-wood is so long, the gap was a little longer too.  I didn’t feel like I need to over swing to get the distance either.  The head is so solid at impact and the ball just rockets off the face for relatively easy distance.  It has a really solid/muted feel at impact.  Kind of nice blend between hollow pop and solid crack.

The Honma TW737 UTc hybrid is very versatile off the tee or from the rough.  I used this numerous times on long par 3s and narrow/short par 4s off the tee.  I could hit a consistent baby draw with it, that I felt very comfortable with and under control.  It was especially effective in the 210-225 yardage.  Off the fairway the yardage was pretty similar and  usually went really straight.  Out of the rough, I couldn’t quite get the full distance, but was able to get a solid 200 out of some thicker stuff.  It really is the accuracy of distance that I really appreciate with this club.

The Honma TW737 UTc hybrid comes with a Vizard HB70 shaft.  Like was previously mentioned, this “made for” shaft is nothing like what you find in most OEM clubs.  Those are typically watered down cheap shafts that have a big name on it, but little quality or performance to go with it.  The Vizard shafts however are made by Honma for Honma clubs and they are top of line graphite shafts that can compete with any aftermarket shaft.  The HB70 stiff is a very smooth and stable shaft that offers a nice kick right at impact.  It is a mid-launch shaft that offers mid spin which helps launch the ball, give it good distance, but yet some stopping power.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Honma TW737 UTc 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 4016 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.2*
  • Dispersion: 3.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 97.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 137.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  225.8 yds
  • Carry Distance:  213.1 yds

 While the Honma TW737 UTc might not have “wowed” me like the other clubs in their line up, it certainly is an excellent offering to go with and fill the gap between the other Honma clubs.  It basically did everything I want a hybrid to do, straight consistent distance, the ability to hit it from multiple lies and just the right look behind the ball.   Honma is known for their premium priced clubs, but I have to admit these really are great performers without the premium price   The Honma TW737 UTc hybrid fills the perfect gap in their line-up and has excellent performance.

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Quick Hits
+Perfect gap filler
+Nice round shape
+No high toe
+Solid feel
+Straight yet able to work a little
+Great “stock” shaft

–No wow factor

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