Review: Honma TW737v Irons

Premium Name Equal Premium Performance!
Honma is famous for selling some of the most expensive clubs you can buy. Their gold-plated ones sell for thousands of dollars. That market is clearly for people with deep pockets. The premium market for golf clubs is just coming into its own in the US. While gold plated golf clubs are still pretty rare, the Honma name is associated with high priced clubs. While the premium market isn’t for everyone, Honma is offering their TW737 line at prices in line with most major OEMs. But the real question is, does the Premium Name equal Premium Performance? Honma surprised me with more than just an exclusive name; I was really impressed by the on-course and FlightScope results.
The Honma TW737v irons look like a very straight forward cavity back iron, but there is much more than meets the eye on these.  As expected they are forged of very soft steel.  Honma describes their forging this way: New W-Forging -This process uses a special forging technique that enhances the rigidity of the upper center part of the clubface, by increasing the density of the grain flow.  This reduces the negative results of an off-center shot, while maintaining a soft feel at impact.  Basically these are really soft feeling irons that have some tech built into the design and forging process to make them feel good even on miss-hits.  I’d put these up against any forged club as to how good they feel.
The Honma TW737v irons not only feel great, but they look amazing behind the ball.  They have a very straight transition from hosel to leading edge which is one of the features I look for in my irons.  I’m not a fan of offset.  I grew up playing clubs without offset and it seems that the more offset an irons has the harder it is for me to make solid square contact.  The have a clean, thin top edge as well so they look fairly compact behind the ball too.  Another feature that I am always pushing  is the sole grind.  I’m amazed at how important this is and Honma has two tiered or “v-sole” of sorts that allows you to pick the ball clean without digging, but still has the proper bounce and sole to get down into the turf.  It isn’t as bold or an obvious like some iron designs, but that is what makes Honma’s design so great, they included this feature subtly.

Great feel and looks are found in many irons so why would you want to spend the extra $ on these irons?  The big surprise that I wasn’t expecting; The Honma TW737v are distance irons too.  They are 1 full club longer than most other “players” irons.  Honma figured out a way to make a players irons look and feel great yet adding some real distance to each iron.  They are only a degree or two stronger than some comparable irons, but yet go a full club longer.  At first I wasn’t prepared for this when I put these in the bag, but I kept ending up on the back sides of the greens.  I assumed it was just dry AZ greens that I couldn’t hold or that the temperature or elevation was affecting my distance gains, until I put these on my FlightScope and compared them to some other irons is when the light bulb went on that these are longer.  Sure enough I went to Honma’s website and it was no fluke, they are designed that way.   I can’t say there are too many sets out there like this that have a true players look, yet could be considered a distance iron.

One other really cool feature of these Honma irons is that they come with a 10-iron.  Every time I got this club out of the bag, it put a smile on my face to hit a 10-iron instead of a Pitching Wedge.  It is the same club in the progression of irons just stamped with a 10 instead of a PW.

The Honma TW737v is a players irons with great distance, but also has some pretty solid forgiveness.  I’ve had numerous great rounds with these in the bag.  They really like to fly straight, but can be worked when necessary.  The cavity on these irons has a somewhat bold notched design.  The unique look works to keep the ball headed in the intended direction and maintaining the distance.  I’d put these up against any players iron out there.

They come with 4 stock shaft offerings; Vizard Graphie, Nippon NS Pro95, Nippon Pro Modus 120 and DG AMT.  I went with the DG S300 AMT shafts.  They have become one of my favorite shafts to put in irons.  Their Ascending Mass Technology is using different weighted shafts to create a “flighted” like results.  Easier to launch in the long irons because of the less weight and more control in the short irons because of the additional weight.  They are then finished with a Honma “tour velvet” grip and come in at D2.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Honma TW737v Irons – 8-iron

    • Spin: 7522 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 27.1*
    • Dispersion: 3.2 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 86.2 mph
    • Ball Speed: 110.4 mph
    • Total Distance:  162.9 yds
    • Carry Distance:  153.8 yds

The Honma TW737v irons offer real world results that are better than their competitors.   Honma may be know as a premium brand, but they are lining themselves up with what most other OEMs are offering.  When someone asks you if those fancy clubs hit further and straighter? You can answer them with a YES.  The TW737v irons aren’t purely vanity clubs, but true performers.  They have a compact, minimal off-set, thin top line players iron look, with plenty of distance and forgiveness to boot.  Sure this comes with a premium name, but in this case it does equal premium performance.

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Quick Hits
+Nice compact look
+Minimal offset
+Solid forged feel
+Very forgiving
+1 club longer
+10-iron instead of PW

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