How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball?

A golf ball has between 300 and 600 dimples, but the exact number varies by brand and model.

See below for a breakdown by different golf ball manufacturers to see precisely how many dimples are on the golf ball you’re playing.

How Many Dimples on a Golf Ball?

Dimple Counts by Brand


Titleist is the gold standard for the modern golf ball, and the ProV1/ProV1x model has been the number-one ball of professional tours since its creation in 2000. Titleist continues to innovate and currently offers nine models for course play, with subtle differences in dimple counts across their line.

328 dimples – ProV1x; ProV1x Left Dash

332 – Velocity

342 – Tour Soft

346 – Tour Speed

352 – AVX; ProV1; ProV1 Left Dot

376 – TruFeel



Bridgestone models range between 326 and 372 dimples per golf ball. Of their 16 current models, 11 have either 326 or 330 dimples.

326 dimples – Bridgestone e5; Bridgestone e6

330 – Tour B330; TOUR B XS; TOUR B X; New e6; e6 Lady; e6 Speed and Soft; Lady Precept; xFIXx; Extra Soft


372 – Laddie Extreme; Precept Powerdrive; Laddie X



Callaway is one of two major golf ball manufacturers that has the same number of dimples across all their models. So if you’re playing a new Callaway ball, it will have 322 dimples.



TaylorMade is one of the most revolutionary brands in golf, and they have created a prolific lineup of balls in the last 20 years. Despite producing many new models in recent years, the range of dimples per ball remains relatively small.

322 dimples – Soft Response; TP5; TP5x; Tour Preferred; Tour Preferred X

342 – Burner; Kalea; TaylorMade Distance; AeroBurner-Pro; AeroBurner-Soft; SuperDeep; Project (s); Noodle Long and Soft; Noodle Easy Distance

360 – Project (a); RocketBallz Urethane



Maxfli has one of the larger ranges of dimples across their models, ranging from 318 to 422 dimples per ball.

318 dimples – Maxfli U/4; Tour X

336 – Maxfli U/4x

374 – Straightfli; Softfli

392 – Revolution Low Compression; Revolution Spin

422 – Maxfli U/2; Maxfli U/3; Maxfli U/6



Mizuno doesn’t offer nearly as many models of golf balls, but they have a wide range of dimples thanks to using a unique micro-dimple pattern. Mizuno golf balls top out at 566 dimples per ball.

360 dimples – RB Tour; RB TourX

566 – RB 566; RB 566V



Nike no longer produces golf balls, but they still have a prominent place in the sport thanks to sponsorships with top players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, and Tony Finau. When Nike made balls, they made many of them, with 13 models ranging from 314 to 432 dimples per ball.

314 dimples – Nike One RZN; Nike One RZN X; Power Distance Soft

336 – Nike One Vapor Speed

344 – RZN White; RZN Tour; RZN Speed

360 – 20XI; 20XI-X; RZN Black; RZN Platinum

432 – Power Distance Long



Pinnacle, owned by the same company that manufactures Titleist golf balls, has been around since 1972 and remains a popular brand for recreational golfers looking for distance golf balls. They currently offer just four models, with a tight range of dimples.

322 dimples – Pinnacle Rush

332 – Pinnacle Soft; Pinnacle Bling; Pinnacle Gold



Srixon, a subsidiary of a Japanese company nearly 400 years old, has manufactured golf balls since 2005. Their current lineup of golf balls has a small range of dimples per ball.

324 dimples – Soft Feel; Soft Feel Lady

338 – Z-Star; Z-Star XV; Z-Star Diamond; Q-Star; Q-Star Tour


Top Flite

One of the more recognizable names in the golf ball market, Top Flite, like Callaway, features the same number of dimples (332) across their line of models. That shouldn’t be surprising, though, as Callaway owned the Top Flite brand from 2003 to 2012.

Top Flite


Vice is the newest name on this list, but they’ve proven to be able to create a quality golf ball. Their four current models range from 318 to 392 dimples per ball.

318 dimples – Vice Pro

336 – Vice Pro Soft; Vice Pro Plus

392 – Vice Tour



Volvik is famous for its bright-colored golf balls, offering a wide range of dimples within their eight-ball lineup, up to 446 dimples per ball.

322 dimples – Volvik Vivid

336 – Volvik S3; Volvik S4

350 – Crystal

372 – Vista DS 77

392 – Vista iV; Vista iS

446 – Pro Bismuth



Wilson, still a prominent name in the golf world, was, at one time, the biggest.

They were the first company to push the limits on what the golf ball could do, and they continue to offer a wide range of products, with 16 models currently under the Wilson brand.

302 dimples – Staff Zip; Staff 50 Elite

348 – Staff Triad; Staff Triad R

362 – Staff Duo Soft+; Staff Duo Optix; Staff Model; Staff Model R

400 – Women’s Tour Velocity; Tour Velocity Accuracy; Tour Velocity Feel; Tour Velocity Distance

432 – SmartCore; Ultra 500; Ultra 500 Distance; Ultra 500 Straight


Why Are There Dimples on a Golf Ball?

The next question you might ask is, ‘WHY are there dimples on a golf ball?’. The answer is both simple and complicated. The simple answer is that without dimples, a smooth golf ball would be more challenging to launch off the ground and fly with an irregular, impossible-to-control ball flight.

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