REVIEW: I Need the Ball Golf Balls

You need to try these!
The golf ball industry is kind of a David and Goliath sort of battle, except it seems that Goliath keeps on winning.  Everyone seems to try to design, create, and produce a ball that will take down Goliath, yet they can’t seem to bring down the giant.  I’m not sure I Need the Ball golf balls are going to take down the Giant either, but they certainly made a ball of worthy competition.  If nothing else I think you need to try this ball for yourself.
The very first thing that stands out for me is the giant snake on the ball.  It is pretty obvious when you put this ball in play.  But what I really liked is how they subtly incorporated the snake in the packaging of that balls and then used 4 different colors for the snake logo on each sleeve of balls.  The creativity and unique look certainly sets it apart without making it look cheap or corny.  From a purely aesthetic standpoint I think I Need the Ball is excellent.

Packaging, logos, colors, etc are all great, but no one is going to use this ball if it doesn’t preform.  This ball has nothing to worry about, it performs like a champ.  They are offering a money back guarantee, but I can’t see anyone taking them up on it.  This ball is as good as anything on the market.  Off the tee it feels so solid and just goes.  I was impressed by the low/mid launch  off the tee, that seemed to just hang in the air and hit the ground running.  It looked like a low spin ball off the driver.  The tungsten core is what I am guessing makes it feel so solid.  I would describe it as a soft yet heavy feel.  Some balls feel light, some feel like a rock, others feel like mush, this one feels just right.  Soft enough to not feel harsh, but solid enough to feel like it is hot off the face.

Off the irons I liked the control this ball offered.  It feels solid off the irons too, but it seemed like off the irons it starts to spin a little more.  This is a good thing when it comes to controlling distance.  The extra spin kept it on the green even with long irons, yet I didn’t notice ballooning or loss of distance. 

Off the wedges this ball is one of the higher spinning balls I’ve played.  I actually had some issues from time to time with it spinning too much around the green.  I would play for release and it would check up.  It isn’t a big deal, I just needed to adjust.

The putter feel is exactly what you want from a ball, soft because of the urethane cover and mantle, yet solid to the core.  It offers a nice thud at impact that stays on the face just long enough to feel it, but not too soft to feel like it springs off the face.  The arrow makes it easy to line up, if you like to use that method for putting.

I really couldn’t find anything of negative with this ball.  The cast urethane cover held up as well as any ball I’ve played.  It maybe held dirt more than some other balls, but it didn’t shred or get chewed up like others I’ve played.  The cover is well constructed and seems to be just the right thickness.   I didn’t have to take a ball out of play because of a damaged cover. (even a few hit the cart path and survived.) That is not to say I didn’t lose any, they don’t float.  One thing I did like when I hit an errant shot is how easy it easy to figure out whose ball it, there is never a question, mine is the one with the big snake on it.

At their price point they are a great deal.  At $10+ less than other premium balls I’d see no reason to pay the extra for a well known brand over these.  They hold their own against the best golf balls.  While they are not going to take down Goliath, they should find a home with some golfers looking for great performance at a great price.  I really think you need to try these balls for yourself.  You are really going to like the performance and style from tee to green.

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Quick Hits
+Excellent solid feel
+Awesome snake graphics
+Plenty of green-side spin
+Long off the driver
+Easy to control with irons

–Not going to take down Goliath