REVIEW: iGC Subscription Service (Mullybox)

Are You a Smarter Golfer If You Get a Subscription?
Subscription services have been around for decades.  I remember back to when I was a kid and Columbia offered a CD subscription deal that for a penny you could get 10 CDs and then after that they’d send you the newest releases once a month.  The 1st batch were a good deal, but then the costs went up considerably when your monthly subscription arrived.  That model has been used in many other businesses like make-up, movies, food, and now golf.  The Intelligent Golf Club (iGC) will deliver golf balls, tees, gloves and accessories to your door all season long.  So is it just another monthly service that gets expensive or is it really a smart buy for your game?
Lets start with the 2 iGC options; yearly or seasonal. I think this a nice option since half of the golfers in the US only play March-September.  Those of us that enjoy year round golf can choose that option.  Either option you choose has a $19 monthly fee, plus $2.95 Shipping.  That includes 6 golf balls, tees, glove and selected random accessories.  For an addition $12 you can get 6 more golf balls bringing your total to $31 plus $2.95 shipping.  They do offer some coupons to get you started and then offer the ability to cancel whenever you want.

The value of the iGC subscription service is really tied to the golf balls.  Those really are the main component and the most costly golf accessories that it purchased on a regular basis.  iGC makes their own 3 piece, urethane cover premium golf balls.  For $19 for 6 they are fairly similar in cost to most premium balls on the market.  At $31/dozen, they are lower priced than most.  There are still a few brands that beat them, but these balls also come with the accessories so they offer a solid value at the price.  I played 5 rounds with these golf balls and on the golf course they play very similar to a ProV1.  The FlightScope Xi-Tour Launch Monitor shows them being really close.  It spun a little bit more off the driver and a little bit less off the wedges.

  • Spin – 2747rpms
  • Speed – 149.8 mph
  • Launch Angle – 15.1*
  • Distance – 254.1yds

  • Spin – 5374rpms
  • Speed – 109.8 mph
  • Launch Angle – 25.7*
  • Distance – 167.8yds

58* Wedge
  • Spin – 8985rpms
  • Speed – 72.6 mph
  • Launch Angle – 44.3*
  • Distance – 86.6
  • Roll-out – 4.5yds
Titleist ProV1
  • Spin – 2595rpms
  • Speed – 150.7 mph
  • Launch Angle – 15.3*
  • Distance – 255.0yds

  • Spin – 5599rpms
  • Speed – 110.5 mph
  • Launch Angle – 26.8*
  • Distance – 171.1yds

58* Wedge
  • Spin – 9578rpms
  • Speed – 72.4mph
  • Launch Angle – 45.9*
  • Distance – 84.3yds
  • Roll-out – 1.2yds

The other iGC accessories are nice, but nothing to really “wow” the subscriber.  The 10 tees that comes with each package are nice but not really necessary.  I played 1 tee for 5 rounds and it shows no signs of ever breaking.  I do like getting a glove regularly since I do get them pretty sweaty in AZ.  The iGC glove is really nice, soft and fits well.  They currently don’t offer cadet sizes, but just standard S-XL.  The mesh bag that the golf balls come in saves the ball sleeves and also can be used as an accessory bag after you’ve used up the golf balls.  The other accessories that they show on their site might be just what you are looking for, or might bounce around the bottom of your golf bag for the entire season.  I just depends if they handpick something that works for you or not.

iGC makes a quality golf ball and sells them at a nice subscription price with some other accessories to boot.  I’m not sure 6 golf balls a month will be enough for many golfers.  I play with guys that go through 6 a round, so maybe the dozen a month is at least closer to their needs.  We all like getting packages in the mail especially if they are replenishing our golf ball supply.  It is a pretty smart buy, especially at the dozen golf ball package considering the accessories are just a bonus.

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Quick Hits:
+Premium golf balls
+Good performance
+Monthly subscription options
+Bonus accessories

–No control over accessories
–6 golf balls don’t go very far in a month.
Use code “igr” to get your first box free!
only pay $2.95 shipping
They are now called Mullybox