REVIEW: IJP Design Golf Apparel

The King of Tartan
Ian James Poulter rocks some of the best apparel in golf.  He is known as one of the stylish golfers to play the game.  So it comes as no surprise that he would design his own apparel line to showcase that style.   The IJP design apparel line has many different pieces, but the focal point is the tartan pants.  IJP Design makes the best tartan pants around.  If you like plaid pants, you won’t find anyone else that has a better selection or more variety than IJP Design.   I also really like the unique euro styled shirts, pants, sweaters and outerwear available from IJP Design.
Obviously the pants are the main event, and they don’t disappoint.  The wool blend tartan is really a solid material for pants, especially nice in the fall.  The color palette along with the weight and warmth make these great for cool mornings or colder days.  The cut is slightly slimmer than some brands, but not tight or narrow, even on my thick legs.  The length is perfect on the 34×30 pants so that it just rests on the top of my shoes.  While wool isn’t may favorite material to have next to my skin, there is plenty of lining in these pants so that I didn’t feel irritated by the wool, along with the fact that it is a 55% wool blend helps too.  I did choose to wear tall compression socks each time I wore the IJP Design tartan pants so between the upper lining and tall socks, there was little wool actually touching my skin.  I am very sensitive to that, and these pants worked just fine.  The fit and finish goes well with the great look of these pants.  I received a number of compliments about these pants on the course.

My next favorite piece was the belt that matches the pants nicely.  It is an embossed red leather belt that looks like alligator skin.  It has a great style and just the right thickness.  While it isn’t real gator skin, it looks great.  The IJP Design buckle that goes with it is awesome too.  It is a rectangle buckle with with a tartan pattern with various fall colors of red, brown, pink and black that looks amazing.  It looks great with the belt, the pants and the matching polo shirt. 

The polo shirt that goes with this ensemble is made of tech fabric which is really light weight.  It feels really nice and fits very well too.  I went up a size from normal and that was a good move.  The L is a good fit compared to my typical M I get from other brands.  The brown shirt with pink and red stripes looks much better in person than the colors combination sounds on paper.  It looks really great with the pants too.

The final piece to top of the outfit is a lightweight red sweater.  It is a thin cotton sweater that goes really well with all the peices of the IJP Design apparel package I received.  I prefer the thin sweater for fall golf so that I can get just enough warmth feel comfortable on the course, but light enough so that there is no restriction of the swing.  Both were accomplished with this sweater.  It too matches the pants, belt and shirt.

Sometimes I choose the apparel pieces I’d like to review, but in this case I let IJP Design put an outfit together for me.  They really know their stuff.  While this might not have been the apparel package I would have assembled myself, it looks great together.  I’ve also found the pieces separate really well and play together with other colors too.  Ian Poulter and his clothing line IJP Design is the King of Tartan.

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome tartan pants
+Great color palette
+Quality fit and feel
+Complete outfit coordination

–Euro style and cuts