REVIEW: Iliac Oil Suede Headcover

Classic Look with a Modern Interpretation
I have become a fan of custom headcovers as of late.  I know that every club you buy already has its own headcover, but I just love the look of matching custom headcovers in my bag.  It is not a mix-match of brands or colors.  No matter how many club changes you go through your bag will still look the same, and the custom ones have so many options of colors and style, especially going retro.
Iliac has a wide selection of custom covers.  There are the wool knit covers and the leather covers.  Within those two basic categories there are multiple style and color options.  The newest leather cover, and probably my favorite yet to come out is the oil suede leather cover.  It is the sock-like leather cover, not the barrel style.  It has a soft suede feel, yet is protected from discoloration and the elements by the oiling process done at the factory.  It comes in either black or brown.  The covers can be ordered for driver, 3/5 wood and utility or hybrid.  They have the number sewn on the top with contrast ivory thread.

The driver headcover doesn’t look overly large, but I had no problems getting it on my largest of driver heads.  It is a bit snug, but protects nicely.  There is elastic stitched in just below where the head rest in the cover so that it has a nice tight fit.  The inside is lined with an ivory fleece like material that is soft and protective as well. 

I accidentally tested the protection skills of this headcover as my bag fell over when I was getting ready to head out for a round.  The cover took the abuse, but the driver head didn’t feel a thing.

While these aren’t exactly the cheapest accessory around, they do offer a classic look with great modern materials.  They will work on the newest of drivers and offer excellent protection.  While I only received the driver headcover for review, I like it so much I will be getting the rest of the set as soon as I can. 

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Classic Style
+Durable Materials
+Excellent Protection

–A little expensive

Review: Iliac Oil Suede Wristband

A little extra accessory that was in my goodie package from Iliac included an oil suede wristband.  While I’m not much of one to wear this type of accessory, I did find it really comfortable for the rounds that I did wear it.  It is the same leather as the headcover and has the same ivory contrast stitching.  It looked very stylish.  I wore it on the same wrist as my golfing glove and it didn’t bother me one bit.  It was loose enough to slide right up to my glove, but tight enough it wasn’t all over my forearm.  If you like this little detailed accessory, I found it very nice, better than the rubber or metal wristband out there.

Review: Iliac "Pledge to Walk" Oil Suede Bag Tag

I love to walk playing golf, it just feels natural, more relaxed and offers the best way to enjoy the course, so when Iliac sent along the pledge to walk bag tag, I no problem attaching it to my carry bag.  It too is constructed of the oil suede leather.  I would love to see more golfers take this pledge and enjoy walking 18 holes on a regular basis.  Take the pledge for yourself:

“Pure golf is played while walking 18 holes.  Replenish your soul and connect with your inner rhythm, pace and feel that comes from walking the course.  Vow to yourself to never use a cart unless it is forced upon you.”