InBirdie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat Review

Learn More About Your Putting In Order to Get Better On The Green


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I practiced with the InBirdie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat for 3 weeks.  It is part of the iGolfReviews Office.  I was able to roll putts inside whenever I found time to practice.  My new Carl’s Place Simulator does not have a putting set up to practice so I use the InBirdie Tempo+Smart Putting Mat next to my driving mat. This high-tech putting mat tracks your speed, tempo and angle  to show you to improve your putting through a connected app.  

This is the definitive InBirdie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat Review for 2023.


Going to the range and practice green will improve your golf name.  But if the range or putting green don’t include some sort of learning, it will only improve so much.  Bad practice will ingrain bad habits which might not be hard to recognize without the help of technology or teacher.  Many of us can’t afford full time teachers so technology is our best answer.  We all know about the benefits of launch monitors like  Flightscope, Trackman, Garmin, Foresight.  While they have some putting moduals, they are not dedicated for putting.  Since putting is such a huge part of the game, it makes sense to have a dedicated putting “launch monitor”.  The InBiridie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat fills a void in the market.  There are putting mats, putting technology and smart putting training aids, but this combo of putting mat, putting launch monitor and training aid app has real potential at a reasonable price point.

The InBiride Tempo+Smart Putting Mat comes in some of the coolest packaging I’ve seen.  As your unbox the putting mat, you quickly and easily unroll it to start practicing.  It requires a plug nearby as you use the USB-C plug to power up the 12 sensors on the Smart Putting Mat.  Once you download the app you can control the settings of the on-mat screen which displays distance, angle and tempo.  You are now ready to start practicing.  It is very intuitive since it shows you exactly where to put the ball.  From there you putt away and it gives you feedback.

The InBiridie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat rolls natuarlly about 9-10 on the stimp meter but you can adjust that digitally faster or slow based on the type of greens you might play.  While visually the ball will roll the same, the tracking adjusts for different green speeds as you track your distance.  The turf itself is more like a smooth dark grey memory foam carpet.  While it might not look like a putting green, the contrast is easy to see the ball and the “tempo” slashes on the mat.  I’m really impressed by how flat and smooth the entire 6.5′ length of the putting mat is.  Even though there is a “launch monitor” area/pad, the ball will roll perfectly smooth from front to back.  There are no cups on this putting mat only a front bumper which nicely returns the ball toward the launch monitor pad.  For long putts it comes back with a little pace, but nothing that will worry anyone or do damage, but enough pace it might make it past the launch monitor pad.

The InBirdie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat has a display right on the top of the launch monitor pad.  The display is bright and vivid.  I’m impressed by how clear and easy it reads, standing tall above it.  There is a sensor on the back corner of the launch monitor pad that allow you to change the target distance.  This all connects to the app on your smart device which allows you to expand the training with more visual clues and games to track your putting.  It also makes it a little more fun to try and beat the game rather than just putting over and over at a certain distance, angle and tempo. 

There are two schools of thought when it comes to putting, look at the ball or look at the hole or I suppose some combo of that.  The InBiride Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat believes in looking at the ball exclusively.  There is not cup/hole to aim at.  Obviously there is a center of the return bumper, but this mat relies on the slashes and marks around the ball to assist in your aiming.  I can see the benefit of this since the greens and break and all the other outdoor factors can trick the eyes, but if you commit to a line, tempo and distance then focusing on the ball will stay consistent green to green.  However I still wouldn’t mind a cup or something cup like to aim at.  It is similar to other launch monitors.  I prefer the range or Carl’s Place Simulator over a net.  It creates a more “on-course atmosphere”.


The InBirdie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat has the real potential of being a game changer.  At a fairly reasonable price, you get a high quality putting mat that is very smooth, has a long enough distance to feel like you are actually putting and a good speed.  The 12 sensor “launch monitor” really offers great information about distance, angle and tempo.  I imagine in the future they will be able to open up more details like skid and loft for putter fitting options.  The app has a lot of potential to make this a fun and informative way of improving your putting.  Like all training aids, they require use.  The InBidie Tempo+ Smart Putting Mat eliminates training aid hurdles like: ease of use, quality, smart, and results.  It does everything you want from a putting training aid.  While they are still in the KickStarter stage, you can see they are working to constantly improve their product.  They have already created a smart putting mat which will help you improve in the most critical spot on the course; the greens.

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