Review: Infra-Tech T-Heat Back Support

Loosen up your lower back anywhere and anytime
Spring golf can be rough.  I thinking mostly of my body and specifically my lower back.  After months off it seems to be one of the problems spots as far as pain goes early in the season.  Even after working out during the winter months, nothing seems to prepare your lower back for swinging a golf club.  The Infra-Tech T-Heat Self Heating Back Support is the solution.  Sure there are heating pads or gel packs you can heat up, but this thing does it all by itself.  Put it on and it gets hot.  You can literally loosen up your lower back with heat anywhere and anytime.

Honestly the belt doesn’t look all that impressive when it arrives.  It’s a big black velcro belt with a white inner layer with the words “Tourmaline” all over it.  It doesn’t feel hot, it doesn’t look like it will do anything other than act like a girdle.  You can feel some “metal” piece in the back of the belt sewn into the fabric, but it still seems like there should be a plug or microwave directions of some sort.  All it says it put it on and it will heat up.

I was in a hurry the first day I wanted to try it so I just threw it on over my shirt and t-shirt.  There were 2 layers between the belt and my skin.  It warmed up some, but not much more than a plain belt like this would have.  I can’t really say it did much for my back on that day.  Then I decided I should probably use it as directed and put it directly on my skin.  WOW!  What a difference.  This bad boy got HOT!  I mean burn your skin almost kind of hot.

The most interesting part is that the heat wasn’t  what I expected.  I took the belt off after about a half-hour and touched it with my hand and it was cool.  The skin of my lower back however was still very warm.  I could still feel the heat radiating into my back muscles an hour later.  They certainly loosed up that day.  But I honestly didn’t like the “sun-burn” sensation on my skin.

I’ve found the perfect balance now to wear the belt over a thin t-shirt.  This still allows it to create heat, without the burn on my skin.  I really works.  I don’t know how it works other than some sort of trapping of your own body heat, but it loosens up those tight back muscles without anything other than the belt itself.  It doesn’t need batteries or to be recharged, just put it on and it works.

I admit I don’t use it before every round and as I get my body more accustomed to swinging a golf club, my back naturally is loosening up, but on those cold “dew-sweeper” rounds or after an awkward sleep I throw it on for a half-hour before my round and my back feels great.  The price is reasonable for a belt that you can use anytime and anywhere to warm up those tight lower back muscles.

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Quick Hits:
+Reasonable price
+Adjustable for just about any size midsection
+Helps your game to have a loose back

–Can get really hot directly on your skin