Innovex V-Motion and E-Motion Golf Balls

The ball everyone is looking for
What is the ball that everyone is looking for?   Let’s be honest, the number one question asked by golfers is, “Is there a ball as good as the Titleist ProV1 at a lower price?”  In the past the answer was not very clear, sometimes you could find another premium ball on clearance, but for the most part there weren’t any options, until now.  The V-motion ball is as good as (if not better) than a ProV1 and lower priced.
The V-motion is a 3-piece cast urethane covered golf ball that was designed to compete with the very best.  The very first aspect of this ball that you will notice is that it offers almost “balata” like feel.  It is really soft, but not mushy, just soft off every club.

Off the driver I really liked this ball, it wasn’t the longest ball off the tee I ever hit, but it was on par with a ProV1.  What it did offer was excellent feel and control.  It had a great mid launch and mid spin.  This combination kept it in play with any respectable swing.

Iron and wedge shots are where this ball is at its best.  The soft feel and excellent spin made this ball as good as any I have ever played.  It was consistent and spun nicely.  I found it was mostly hop and stop action with all irons and wedges.

Once on the green this ball has that same great soft feel which a tour level ball should have.  A firm thud is maybe the best way to put it, no “click” at all.

The last aspect that has this ball challenging the very best balls is the durability.  It really withstood the grooves’ attacks round after round.

This ball clearly was designed to compete with the king of balls and in my opinion wins, because performance is just as good and at a lower price.  It is the ball so many are looking for. Way to go Innovex!!

A ball anyone can play

While the V-motion might be the best ball at the price, some might still like something a little lower priced ball and a more distance minded ball rather than spin minded.  Enter the E-motion; it comes in at a lower price, a little firmer feel and a little less spin. Yet I found it good enough in every category, that I think just about any golfer, scratch to high-handicap could put it in play without any drop off in scoring or performance.

The E-motion is a 3-piece surlyn covered golf ball that was designed to be a mid-level priced ball with tour level performance.  When you put this one in play you will notice the slightly firmer feel and decreased spin.  The biggest benefit of playing this ball over the V-motion will be cost and durability.  These two balls rotated in as my fall balls and it was clear after many rounds that the E-motion’s surlyn cover will outlast the V-motion’s urethane cover.

Off the driver this was firmer feeling as noted and maybe a yard longer than the V-motion.  It launched maybe a touch higher too.  It just felt faster on drives and seemed to spin a little less, especially into the wind.

Once in the fairway or out of the rough, this ball keeps up with its competition.  Nothing “wow” just very solid and durable.  It offered a hop and maybe about 15+feet roll out on most shots.

Using this ball with the putter there was a very soft “click” sound on each putt.  It was nothing over the top, but just slightly audible as most balls in this category.

While I thought the V-motion was really durable for its category, I felt that this ball was even more durable, but obviously in a different category of ball.  It took a cart path to put any marks on these balls.

This ball was clearly aimed at that level just below the tour ball, yet I found that just about anyone from low to high handicap could put this ball in play and score well.  At an even lower price point, this ball certainly has mass appeal.

   Overall, I am really impressed by the performance of these two balls and think that if you are looking for tour quality balls and just want to save some money for green fees, these are a great products.  I haven’t seen them yet in stores, but hopefully they will find their way to shelves soon.  Both the V-motion and E-motion golf balls should be on every golfers list of new products to try. (it won’t break the bank either)

On a side note: I look forward to more good things from Innovex with the recent acquisition of     Rife Putters.

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+Tour Performance
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+Excellent durability
+Lower price point

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