This Swami knows more.
A couple years back I did a review of the first Swami GPS (Here).  I was happy with the simplicity of use and compact form.  It was relatively easy to use and held a good charge.  The newest GPS from Izzo the Swami 3000 takes the same form and simplicity and gives it a little more knowledge and makes it even easier to use.
The very first factor that I think will appeal to golfers is the fact that the Swami no longer needs a computer.  The original needed to connect to a computer and download the 10 most popular courses that you were going to play, but that required planning and connection.  The Swami 3000 is ready to go out of the box without a computer.  It is pre-load with 19,000+ courses.  I played 6 different courses and they were all on the Swami 3000.  I believe there is a listing on their website so you can check if your home course is on the Swami.

The second factor that I like as an improvement is that the name of the course is listed on the Swami.  While the original and the newer version automatically find the course, it just is comforting to know the name and that it found the one you are playing for sure.

The third improvement is the lack of fees.  No yearly fee, less initial cost up front makes this the most economical easiest to use GPS on the market.  I also the battery life better than the previous Swami and better than most other units on the market.  I could get 4 rounds in with it, as long as I turned it off after the round.  While it will sleep after some time sitting, it does drain the battery.  It still has the same belt clip for on course play or will fit simply into any pants pocket.

While it still doesn’t have automatic hole advance or any other distances, like bunkers or water hazards, it offer the basic front back center of every hole.  It is easy to use and now it doesn’t have a single other fee. So if you just want simple distance to the pin on each hole on almost every course you will play, the Swami is your answer.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Easy to Use
+Basic information
+Preloaded Courses

–No additional information (bunkers, hazards, etc.)
–Limited battery life