REVIEW: Jacob Hill Custom Leather Belts

Design Your Own Exotic Leather Belt
Belts have become much more than just a tool to hold up your pants, many golfers have decided to make bold fashion statements with their belts.  While there are often arguments over a black or white belt, there are so many other options out there. It doesn’t make sense to limit yourself to black, brown or white.  Jacob Hill Leather Belts offers a customizable variety of skins and colors that you can use to create your own unique style.
The Lizard Skin is one of my favorite styles because of the great texture and style.  These are also the most “reasonably” priced exotic leather belts that Jacob Hill offers.  The lizard skins are offered in 19 base colors.  Then you can pick different stitching colors and edge colors.  The combinations become endless.  You can also choose a couple different widths and since each belt is made to order, it will be the exact size you need too.

As you can see above I opted for the grey/silver belt with Carolina blue stitching.  It is really a great combo.  I went with it because it matches so many of the pants and shirts I wear on a regular basis.  There are so many choices in color it might be hard, I suggest pulling out your favorite 3 golf shirts and seeing what will match it best.  Also consider the clothing you wear off the course too, since these can look good with jeans or a suit and tie.  This became one of my most versatile belts.  It seems to look good with everything except khakis.

The leather itself is a little thinner than some of the belts I own, which actually gives it a cleaner look while wearing it.  Even though it is thinner, the durability still seems top notch.  I’ve been wearing this belt almost daily now for the past month and it still looks like it is almost brand new.  The part that gets slid through the buckle and “pinned” is still  in great shape.  It seems very supple which seems to help it hold up well, even in the heat and humidity we’ve been having.  Actually, the pictures in the review were taken after wearing it for about a month and probably 10 rounds of golf.  The leather straps are not just an embossed leather belt, these are real lizard, alligator, croc or some other exotic animal skin.  The authenticity is what you are paying for, along with the “cool” factor.   I love that they are hand crafted here in the US.

I have just the stock silver buckle, but I have seen some custom logo buckles that Jacob Hill is doing and they look great.  What is nice about this belt/ buckle is that it is interchangeable with many different brands.  Even if I wanted to use one of my fancier buckles I can still use this leather strap.  The snaps just release and you can slide in any other buckle that works with this kind of belt.  Their sizing for fitting works really well too.  I followed their instructions and measured a current belt as they described.  The Jacob Hill belt fits perfectly.  I have it buckled a couple holes in so it looks like it should, not barely on nor wrapped around twice.

If you need to add some cool factor to your wardrobe, Jacob Hill can make your custom exotic leather belt just the way you want it.  The width, the skin, the color, the buckle; it is all customizable to make one awesome belt.  If you can’t decide which colors to pick, there are some examples on the Jacob Hill website that you can buy as well.  They are also branching out into other leather goods so check out the wallets and yardage book covers.

I have a number of belts and this one really is top quality.  I like it on or off the course; dressed up or casual.  If you want a custom exotic leather belt, check out their plethora of options.

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