REVIEW: Jan Craig Headcovers

Headcovers Grandma Would be Proud Of
I remember back in the day getting a knit sweater from Grandma.  It was made of thick yarn and no matter what I tried, it just never wore out, I just had to wait until I out grew it.  At the time I wasn’t real appreciative of those sweaters, but looking back I realize the time, energy, love and quality that went into those sweaters.  Jan Craig headcovers remind me of those sweaters from Grandma.  High quality, durable materials and a classic look.  Jan Craig makes Headcovers Grandma would be proud of.
Jan Craig has been making wool headcovers for over 50 years in the USA.   While woods already come with an OEM headcover, getting custom Jan Craig covers really makes a statement in your bag.  You can change clubs and still keep a consistent look or you can promote what you want instead of the club brands.  The variety of colors and poms or tassels make theses a great choice for any bag.  Being hand knit in the USA is another reason to support and buy Jan Craig headcovers.

What Jan Craig wool headcovers do that few others can is offer superior protection.   Yes, all headcovers offer protection around the head itself, but I don’t think I have any other cover that offers so much protection for the shafts.  The very long sock goes way down into the bag protecting the first foot of the shaft.  It is a nice feature because those exotic graphite shafts can get nicked by wedges or irons pretty easily.  Also because the wool is so thick it offers a great amount of cushion for the head, even if you’d drop it.

I was pretty impressed too how they hold up to the conditions.  The yarn can get wet and it dries out without shrinking.  It also repels dirt pretty well without getting soiled.  There also isn’t a chance they will be blown off or away in the wind because of their long length and heavy wool.  The heavy yarn and thick knitting stretches plenty for easy on and off during the round.

Jan Craig headcovers offer a timeless style, superior club protection and will last for years.  Now it is just a matter of picking out your favorite colors and ordering some up.  I’ve become kind of a headcover junkie lately and these will see plenty of course time in my rotation of covers.  I actually kind of like to mix and match some of the various brands too and these look good with every other style.  Grandma would be proud of these quality knit headcovers.

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Quick Hits
+Classic look
+Excellent protection
+Durable construction
+Customizable colors
+Hand knit in the USA