REVIEW: John Morgan Golf Apparel

Someone Finally Did It!!
The polo shirt is one of the simplest apparel pieces in golf.  In the last 10 years it has gone through an evolution with the introduction of tech fabrics.  The cotton polo has all but died and been replaced by “dry fit” shirts.  There are blends, threads, materials that have been introduced over the years, but nobody has been able to create a cotton golf polo that actually works.  They might be nice right out of the package, but after 2 washes they loose their shape and color.  I’ve converted all my golf polos to tech fabrics until now.  John Morgan Golf apparel finally made a cotton polo that functions and survives.   Dare I say this is the best golf polo I own.  Someone finally did it; a cotton golf polo that is awesome every time you wear it.   (Their pullover is pretty awesome too)
I’ll be honest, I read cotton polo and immediately thought, here we go again.  What am I going to write about the cotton polo that looks good out of the package, but after it is washed a few times, it will look more like a sail than a shirt?  My initial reaction to the John Morgan Golf polo was that I was impressed.  This cotton polo is much softer, smoother and fancier than my previous cotton polo shirts.  I really enjoyed wearing it the first time.  I soaked it in as much as I could the first wear, because I assumed like all other cotton polos, it would never be the same.  To my surprise, after a wash and dry it was still exactly as awesome.  After 10 washes it is still just as awesome and the same size as when it arrived.  Someone finally did it; a cotton polo that survives the washing machine and dryer.

The John Morgan Golf polo is a cotton, modal, spandex blend that is incredibly soft.  This material blend is very comfortable for swinging.  I didn’t have to tug on the sleeves nor did I feel there were tight on my biceps. They also did a great job on the cut.  I’m in M in most brands and L in some of the “euro” cut brands.  I hate it when someone decides to go rogue and change their idea of size to something extremely different.  John Morgan Golf hit the sizing just right; the M fits perfectly.   The length was also really good in the body.  The shirt could be worn comfortably tucked in or let out.  The heathered blue stripe looks outstanding on or off the course.

John Morgan Golf apparel also makes pull overs which have become another one of my staples of my closet.  While summer golf in AZ requires the bare minimum in clothing because of the heat, winter golf in AZ requires layers.  The temperature can swing as much as 30* during a round of golf.  You might start off slightly cold, but by the time you are done you are almost sweating.  The John Morgan Golf pullover is as awesome as their polo.  It also is a cotton blend material that keeps you warm for those cooler morning rounds or in lower temperatures.  It is also stretchy and cut well so that it doesn’t impede the swing even if it is your 2nd or 3rd layer.  The style is muted and classic which also means it looks excellent on or off the course.

If you would have told me a month ago that I would be raving about a cotton polo and pullover, I would have called you crazy.  John Morgan Golf apparel pulled off something I didn’t think could be done.  A comfortable, stylish and durable cotton polo that survives multiple washes and is just as nice as it was out of the packaging.    Someone finally did it, John Morgan Golf Apparel created a cotton polo and pullover that are AWESOME.

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Quick Hits:
+Super soft
+Great Fit
+Classic style
+Survives washes
+Works tucked or untucked

–Limited color options