Review: Original Jones Carry Bag

Enjoy the Walk Down Golf's Memory Lane

I remember when I was a kid learning how to golf and carrying a Jones bag.  At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal, it was a simple single strap bag with a plastic bottom.  It held my mixed starter set of clubs that were handed down to me just fine.  I went out every Friday morning all summer long for a lesson and then 9 holes with my friends.  It was a simpler time; few cares in the world and we just enjoyed the game.

When my new Original Jones Carry Bag arrived I was instantly transported to that time in my life.  It was a walk down golf’s memory lane without even trying.   I just remember how much I enjoyed the game and didn’t worried about how long it took me to play, how much it cost, or really any other care in the world.  It was just an enjoyable walk, playing golf with my buddies.

The details of the bag really haven’t changed much from the original.  The plastic base is still molded with the same logo.  The single strap is retained for carrying the bag.  It is still lightweight and collapsible  and the three way top is just like I remember.  Today you can use it as a Sunday bag and take half of your clubs for a quick 9; or you can fill it with all 14 sticks and play 18 or more using it regularly.  It has 3 pockets to carry everything you need for a round or two of golf.  I could get plenty of golf balls, tees and a rangefinder in the ball pocket.  I put my keys, phone and wallet on the thinner pocket which is on top of the ball pocket and had room for rain gear in the full length back pocket.  It also has an umbrella sleeve down the back by the full length pocket.  It wasn’t lacking in space or function on the course.

Do you sling it forward or backward?  This is the real decision you need to make while carrying this bag.  Do you prefer your clubs to the back or to the front while you are walking?  Also which shoulder will you sling it over?  I found that during my many rounds with this bag, I had a favorite way to carry it, (clubs forward on the right shoulder) but switched it up often to make sure one shoulder didn’t get sore.  While the bag is as light as any, the weight of the clubs and gear is more than enough to cause some fatigue.  I avoided it by changing how I carried it and also taking advantage of opportunities to set the bag down and take a couple clubs in my hand.  For example, there are a few holes that parallel each other and the next tee box is right by the green and rather than carry the bag the whole distance, I would set it on the next fairway and just carry a putter and driver to the next green and then tee box.  As I logged more rounds with the bag I became more comfortable carrying it and picking it up off the ground.  One feature I like about this bag is the nylon fabric that is is made of so that even if there is dew on the ground or even some rain, it won’t be damaged.

The Original Jones Carry bag is not for everyone.  My father for example should not carry a bag like this for his rounds, he wouldn’t finish.  He is in great shape, but that added wear and tear on his shoulders would really hamper his game.  If you already have a shoulder or back issue, this might not be the best bag for you either.  But for many of us young, (or at least young at heart) it is like a walk down golf’s memory lane; carrying a single strap Jones Bag.  I suppose the teen and twenty something golfers have never experienced this before; they should because it makes for an enjoyable round of golf.  Walking is the best way to play and this is a great way to walk.

I enjoy walking down golf’s memory lane with my Original Jones Carry Bag.  It is simple yet functional.  All you need to do is pick how you sling it and enjoy your round.  It will carry everything you need for a round.  There is just something memorable about that nostalgic feeling while playing golf with a single strap Original Jones Carry Bag.

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Quick Hits
+Nostalgic feeling while carrying
+Fully functional bag
+Classic style

–Single-strap isn’t for everyone

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