JP Golf "New" 2011 Wedge Review

A Project of Love Years in the Making


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It was September 7, 2011. I (Spyzinger) had known JP for a couple years and he was operating The Grind House for JP Golf out of his mother’s garage in Minneapolis.

This is Spyzinger’s definitive story for 2023 of the JP Golf “New” 2011 Wedge.


I had kept a set of 2008 Callaway X-Forged under my bed and felt they aged enough to put them into play. I was looking to have the loft and lies adjusted before putting them in play for some fall golf. Since we’ve established that it was September, I can only assume that I had ample time to grow frustrated with my Minnesota game and was probably looking for a spark of hope before winter with the X-Forged irons. 

At that point in history, the conversation was probably around what was next for the man that is part artist, part craftsman, and someone I am lucky enough to call my friend. A lot has happened since then. I had another child, JP signed a contract with Titleist and spent five years out in Oceanside. We’ve had a lot of steak together, a little whiskey, went on a few trips, even managed to played some golf. I found myself back over at his Mothers house again this past Christmas. Picking up where we last left off.

In many ways our lives evolved together up and down on different ends of the country. Both, keeping in touch regularly and seeing one another whenever we are in each other’s town. We both find ourselves sort of back to where we were again despite all the time that has passed. He’s back to operating his own company, JP Golf and I am still doing what I can being the best looking man in the game. We couldn’t be happier either. Sometimes life has a funny way of coming full circle.

Anyway, the point is, we probably talked for a couple hours then he got around to bending my irons. Then he said, “Hey, should we grind out a wedge.” JP put on his headphones and cut out one of the most beautiful golf clubs I had ever seen from a Kyoei blank. No tungsten weights, not exotic finish, just a hand-ground raw wedge with the JP logo and my initials. It was and remains one of the most cherished things I have ever had given to me.

Since that day, I just kept it in on a shelf on my desk. On occasion I would take it off the shelf, hold it, and put of right back. One day I was looking at it and thought to myself, I have to play this. Its been long enough. I sent JP a text, and he said, “sent it out.” “I’ll add some weight to it, polish it up, shaft it up and send it back.” The head was on the next Fed-Ex plane out to Escondido or somewhere around there.

This past Friday, I was reunited with my old wedge once again. After 12 years, she looks better than ever. I was absolutely stunned with what he had done. He applied a tortoise shell finish that is still raw and will naturally patina that will blend in nicely to this finish. I couldn’t believe what I was holding, it was absolutely beautiful and wanted to share it with you. So, have a look and enjoy. My brand new 2011 wedge from JP Golf.

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