Review: JP Wedges by Titleist

The Best Wedges Made & the Best Wedges for You
Golfers are regularly wondering if they have the best clubs for their game in the bag.  Manufactures are always making new clubs and they all claim to be the greatest; How do you know if they really are good for you?  I’ve been saying since the beginning of iGolfReviews that fitting is one of your most valuable friends when it comes to your clubs.  Don’t just go to the store and buy clubs off the rack, but spend the little extra time and $ and get fit.  That way you can get the clubs that are best suited for you.  JP Wedges by Titleist takes that to another level with the amazing fitting process and then he hand makes  wedges fit for your game.  You will have the best wedges and they are the best for you.
I had the privilege of being one of the very first fittings at TPI in Oceanside, CA by JP.  This spring I was able to spend a whole day going through the entire process.  JP designed the most advanced fitting system so that he can dial in exactly what you need in your wedges.  At his outdoor fitting area, he uses a high-speed camera, a Trackman Launch Monitor and a full arsenal of spec wedges to test, try and validate the conclusions of the data.  The next day he build wedges specifically for you by hand and with the utmost attention to detail.  You will not find any other wedge maker pouring more passion into each wedge.

What makes JP Wedges the best?  It starts with the last 4 years of design work that goes into each head.  The multi-material construction sets this apart from all other wedges because what he is able to do and manipulate with each head is beyond anything else on the market.  The forged body is where much of the club’s tech is found.  The multi camber sole, the weight slots, the milled face and soft feel all start with this part of the wedge.  Then as he add the various Tungsten weights it moves the CG to places other designs can’t get it to and finished with the lightweight titanium plate creates a stunning look, while maintaining the design features.

My set of wedges arrived in a box that showed the passion that went into the JP wedges.  The hand written note, the wax seal on the envelope, the carefully sealed and wrapped wedge heads all show that great care was taken of these wedges.  I ordered  4 wedges; 46*, 50*, 54* and 58*.  These were the ideal gapping and lofts for my game.  We went with the Nippon Pro Modus3 shafts because of their high tolerances and good feel.  Each wedge I went a little different on the color and engraving. I went  blank on the 46*,  family names on the 50*, my JP timeline on the 54* and @iGolfReviews on the 58*.  Each wedge was perfect to design and spec.  Another unique feature of the JP wedges is his signature grip.  It  has no taper under the right hand, yet maintains consistent weight no matter the size.  Plus it is an inch longer for gripping down.  The JP custom Golf Pride grips are really outstanding.

oThe Multi-Camber sole of the JP wedge is “the engine of the club” as he calls it.  It sets it apart from other designs with the extreme “grind” from heel to toe and leading edge to trailing edge.  It is to maximize turf interaction in every direction.   When you get these wedges on the course with varying conditions you start to notice how many clean, crisp shots you hit with these wedges; all of them.  It didn’t seem to matter the turf, lie or shot needed, I was able to hit the ball cleanly.  Even the couple I miss hit because of a pour swing, the camber still allowed me to make decent contact with the ball and I ended up with an OK shot.  It’s almost impossible to put into words how versatile this sole is.

The CG manipulation is another key to the JP wedge design.   The Multi-material design allows JP to put the CG exactly where he wants it and exactly where you need it based on your swing.  He has a variety of weights that get pressed into the body of the club, along with the signature toe weight to create a CG right behind the ball at impact.  This translates into a solid feel, energy transferred to the ball and spin.  When you hit these wedge you will feel and see the difference.  The grooves are milled into the face and are very sharp, but it seems that the perfect CG translates to added spin.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

JP Wedge by Titleist 58* Wedge

    • Spin: 11202 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 56.7*
    • Dispersion: 2.2 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 79.2 mph
    • Ball Speed: 80.1 mph
    • Total Distance:  89.1 yds
    • Carry Distance:  87.7 yds

Do these wedges really make you better?  During the fitting it becomes apparent almost immediately how great these wedges were in my hands at TPI, but how does that translate rounds later on your home course?  I’ve had JP wedges in the bag now for 10 rounds and my wedge game instantly got better and quite honestly it is the best it’s ever been.  I’ve played a lot of wedges (if you look through the reviews you can see that) and none have impressed me the way these have.  The original JP wedges were close, but these are another step forward in design and function.   I’ve been using ARCCOS to track my statistics and it shows a significant improvement with these wedges in the bag.  I also spent some time with them on my Flightscope Xi Tour Launch monitor and it too shows amazingly consistent numbers.

JP also created a couple really cool tools to go with his wedges.  The ball marker is awesome.  The nice heavy stainless steel maker is placed down proudly close to the pin after each wedge shot.  You will certainly need the divot tool because shots from JP wedge have amazing spin and leave pretty deep marks on the green.  This tool is designed to fit perfectly in your fingers and the single spike works great to repair greens.

JP Wedges by Titleist are simply the best wedges on the market and they are going to be the best wedges for you game.  The only draw back is the price tag and limit availability.  To get a set of 3 wedges fit for you will run $2000.  That is a high price point, but considering what you get, it isn’t crazy.  The 3 hours you get to spend at TPI with JP and then each wedge handmade and fit specifically for you along with the customization means you are paying for wedges and an experience.  It is not for everyone, but for someone looking to play the best and see the best results on the course they will want to get a JP fitting and wedge set.

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Quick Hits:
+Multi-direction camber is legit
+Amazing multi-material feel
+Excellent CG
+Very high spin
+Customized looks
+Perfect Specs